Le Corbusier Sofa: The Two-Seater Sofa
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Le Corbusier Sofa: The Two-Seater Sofa

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Le Corbusier sofa gives a good impression of its namesake, Le Corbusier. It is a pair of thick-rimmed round and black color spectacles perched on the bridge of its long nose. The pseudonym was presumed by Charles-Edoudard Jeanneret. He was a student of watch-case engraving in Switzerland. With failing eyesight and encouragement of his intuitive tutor, he sifted over to study architecture.

This big squishy cushion that is covered with leather is put over an external steel frame which gives it an exclusive look. It offers optimum comfort and is supposedly the most successful design of Le Corbusier. The sofa was launched into the market in the year 1928. The compact size of this sofa has made it an adorable piece of furniture.

This is an exquisite looking sofa which can be used anywhere you want. It has been designed in such manner that will go with contemporary, as well as traditional home décor.  You can come back home from office and relax on this sofa. It can offer an exquisite look to your home.

About the Designer

Le-Edouard Jeanneret is known as Le Corbusier and was born in Swiss Jura at La Chaux-de-Fonds in the year 1887. He died at Roquebrune-Cap-Martin in France. He is considered to be the most influential architect of 20th century. He is credited for the changing the face of architecture and introducing it to the age of technology. He connected architecture with revolution since his purpose was to meet a robust need of a democratic society. His work in furniture design is acclaimed as well. His best iconic peices are: LC4 Chaise lounge, LC2 chair , LC2 loveseat, LC3 sofa, LC3 chairLC3 loveseat

Features of Le Corbusier Sofa

Nothing but the best genuine leather has been used in crafting the upholstery of the LC2 Sofa replica as offered by Furnish Plus. You do get a choice between aniline and top grain leather. The leather material is sewn by hand over the piped cushions. The cushions as well as the back of the seat have been made from multi-density foam so that you get the maximum level of support and comfort possible.

The Uses of LC2 Sofa

The fascinating LC2 Sofa can augment the décor of any room it has been placed in. With the comfort provided, the sofa is sure to be the relaxation spot for visitors and homeowners alike. As such, you should seriously consider placing it inside your living room.

le corbusier sofa

For the same reason, the LC2 Sofa works great in an office setting. The clean lines add to the professionalism expected in a workplace.

le corbusier sofa

The LC2 Sofa is versatile enough to be used anywhere you require a comfrotable seating space. Therefore, you can place it almost anywhere.

le corbusier sofa

This piece of furniture is timeless modern style which is available in various colors like grey, green, light blue, mud, black, ivory, and brown. It is the archetype of modern chair. The cushions give the chair a rationalistic approach. A true classic, the simple tubular structure is greatly relevant to the present lifestyle. To get this elegant and modern piece of furniture, you should visit https://furnishplus.ca/le-corbusier-chair-collection/.

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