Cloud Sofa - Hyped or Hyped-er?
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Cloud Sofa – Hyped or Hyped-er?

Cloud Sofa

cloud sofa dupe

cloud sofa canada

cloud sofa dupe canada

cloud sectional sofa canada

Invasion Of Cloud Sofa


Have you recently felt like Google is spying on you? They always do, but we (I) mean on a more over-necessary basis? Did you see advertisements for this bright white, extra virgin sofa? Did you, for once, glimpse at a sofa that makes you wonder “How on earth my sofa doesn’t look like that?”. Unless you live under a rock, then I (we) can confirm that the world is definitely hyping over the Cloud Sofa – a name that is sweeping the design industry, from films to media to magazines and news.


Cloud Sofa - Hyped or Hyped-er?

picture by Restoration Hardware


But Why “Cloud”?


The name “Cloud” comes from the cloud-like design that draws us to its fluffiness, cushiony-ness, puffiness, hot bun-ness, and all the related adjectives, I (we) mean, who doesn’t want to be laying on a cloud? It’s the ultimate seduction of comfort, and obviously, we are meaning to buy a sofa for that reason! And if you were to ask me why the industry didn’t come up with such a name before it was even a thing, we (I) have no idea!.


That was for the name, and for its selling features, the Cloud Sofa is made to resemble your luxurious experience of staying in high-end hotels with oversized seat form, filled with back cushions stuffed with 100% goose down, expensive!. The distinct dense feel keeps the sofa superior to other sofas of the same kind (hey! accent furniture lovers, hang tight!), almost opposite from the three most used fillings: 

  • Cotton Wadding
  • Hollow-Fill Fibre
  • Polyester Wadding

So the premium material apts us sit on and then sink into. Just imagine a $4.99 Walmart pillow vs their down pillow selling for $19.49 (I own one, best pillow ever for my budget) to apply to this case.


Where You Saw This Cloud Sofa Before


In case you are behind, Kylie Jenner had this cloud sofa since 2015 from RH, (and this was before she became a billionaire, so we could trust her for now), she loved this slouchy couch! Her sister, Kendall Jenner also gave us a glance at this beautiful sofa during her L.A home tour with AD in 2020, her couch was in a late summer orange, earthy clay tones, to prove that people do not necessarily buy this item for just the inviting crisp white look, they could go for whatever tone suits their style.




Cloud Sofa - Hyped or Hyped-er?

                                                          Kylie looking comfy on the Cloud Sofa



Cloud Sofa

                              or almost like a cloud sofa. featuring supermodel Kendall Jenner, AD 2020



Cloud Sofa - Hyped or Hyped-er?

                                                                                                    Kerry Washington, NYC, AD Magazine 2019



The popularity extends to Kerry Washington’s New York City apartment in March 2019 touring fans her sectional Cloud Sofa viewing to GW Bridge. Last year, Ryan Serhant cozied us up with his Brooklyn Townhouse, in which the Dark Gray Cloud Sofa was put in the chill room, a getaway from the rest of the 1000-room house. We all know Ryan has sold multi-million dollar houses across Hollywood, and for him to choose Cloud Sofa, should be legit!. Another celebrity, Nina Dobrev getting crazy over the Cloud Sofa, accentuated in her 1920’s Spanish-Style Home, interviewed 2021. AD,  thank us later for all the credits! We are hoping to have a big name to settle with Furnish Plus this summer when we are bringing the sofa to our office.


On A Budget Cloud Like Sofa Options


Like 9/10 Internet users puzzled after reading all the goodness about this infamous sofa, RH versions are just expensive, if not too expensive. Not many people can just casually spree spending fifteen thousand dollars for a couch. So it comes down to how to get the same cloud-like version and at the same time still be able to pay your next 5-month rent. 

That’s when Furnish Plus comes to the rescue.

We now officially introduce our cloud-like sofa category, the Serena Collection with all options. Start with three elemental modular chairs, to almost unlimited configurations, available now on our website at:




Corner Chair



Middle Chair







Take a look at the collection:


Cloud Sofa - Hyped or Hyped-er?


A Design To Fit Every Home 


It’s like the Bellini Sofa, giving you unlimited configurations. You have options for the Modular Sofa – Two Seater for the lovebirds, the Modular Sofa – Four Seater & Ottoman for a happy family of four, or you are single with three cats, Modular Sofa – Corner Chair with the gigantic pillows because you don’t need anybody to bother your zen lounging moment… the list goes on! 


The designer of the Cloud Sofa, Timothy Oulton, wanted consumers to customize or adjust it to fit different layouts, the initial creation comes with three modules: the corner part, an armless section, and an ottoman. Both I (we) and our readers think when we swipe $10,000 out of our Mastercard, we should be able to do whatever in the wildest imagination we want.


Its wildly recognizable silhouette adheres human psychology of comfort. Disclosed by Jonsara Ruth, an interior design professor at The New School, materials used for furniture are essentially important, as our nature is to interact and make contact, in which the Cloud Sofa with wood base, stuffed feather pillows, and easy to maintain features, convey a level of intimacy. 


In reference to business perspectives, the Cloud Couch pleases almost every target, while other products are only able to attract a certain set of clients. It satisfies the look for both function and aesthetic and matches a variety of design style spectrums, both chic and everyday to-go-for.


“In a world where we have all realized the importance of home, this piece fulfills an inner longing for comfort and connection without completely sacrificing style. The design itself is also neutral enough to support a range of interior styles, and RH is a brand that speaks to multiple consumers.” – Tenlie.


How Do I Style My Couch


First of all, we (I) need to emphasize that you do you, for whatever option that makes you feel aesthetically pleased, go for it!. We would also like to tip some ideas for your attention. 


Cloud Sofa


Try the wine tasting technique, white wines pair well with light food, which we mean to style a neutral, light tone sofa if the rest of your furniture comes in beige, light gray, charcoal, etc. This creates a clean, cosmopolitan vibe. I bet you would dream to be living in that New York apartment, and luxe penthouse downtown once, remember where Carrier Bradshaw was proposed? 



Cloud Sofa - Hyped or Hyped-er?

for sure a cloud couch would look magnificent here



In contrast, if you are a fan of the warm, cozy Spanish 1945, Moroccan 1924, or simply an introvert like the prettiest Dakota Johnson, don’t mind any palate from the middle to bottom of the color spectrum, muted warm tones canyon clay, Tuscan sun, pinot noir, downtown brown, moss green, etc. 



Cloud Sofa - Hyped or Hyped-er?



A little note for proportion is that you might try to avoid other decor pieces that are of medium to tall height, since it would distract this Cloud Sofa, the star of the space, with the low profile character.

All combos are now available here:



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