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LC1 Sling Chair | Le Corbusier


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Top Grain Leather:

Top grain leather is the second strongest type of leather. This leather type is recommended for commercial use. For personal use, we definitely recommend Aniline leather. Leather Weight(g/m²): 800

Top Grain - Black

Top Grain Black Leather imported from Europe.

Top Grain - White

Top Grain White Leather imported from Europe.

Aniline Italian Leather:

Aniline is 100% Italian leather, features the waxy oil finished on top which makes the leather much durable, comfortable, last longer and it is thicker than Top grain leather.
Leather Weight(g/m²): 865

Aniline - Black

Aniline Black Leather imported from Italy and features waxy oil finish on top .

Aniline - White

Aniline White Leather imported from Italy and features waxy oil finish on top .

Aniline - Dark Brown

Aniline Dark Brown Leather imported from Italy and features waxy oil finish on top .

Aniline - Cigar Brown

Aniline Cigar Brown Leather imported from Italy and features waxy oil finish on top .

Vintage Aniline - Tan

Vintage Aniline Saddle brown Leather imported from Italy and features waxy oil finish on top with a disstressed leather look.

Cowhide - Black & White Natural
Cowhide - Brown & White Natural



LC1 Sling Chair

lc1 chair replica

lc1 outdoor chair

lc1 chair reproduction

LC1 Sling Chair Details:

  • Base frame: Polished stainless steel 3 mm thick bent tubular frame.
  • Leather Stitch Edge type: Cross-edge stitch provide durability and original design accuracy.
  • Seat platform: High-strength reinforced load-bearing seat platform cross straps.
  • Seating Style: Angle pitched for long use seating comfort.
  • Features: Ergonomic swivel self-pitch adjustable back. Comes standard with floor protection caps on legs.
  • Safety information: Each material is non-harmful, resistant to fire, and child friendly. This item is not manufactured by or affiliated with the original designer(s) and associated parties.
  • Customers reviews: Read verified reviews here

Product Dimensions:

LC1 sling chair

  • Width: 23.5″ Depth: 25″ x Height: 25″
  • Seating Height: 15″
  • Seat depth: 19.2″
  • Armrest height: 22.8″
  • Packing size: 26.7″ x 24.8″ 26.7″
  • Net weight: 19.8 lbs

* All measurements of the LC1 Sling Chair are approximations.

Le Corbusier LC1 Sling Chair:

Designed by Charles Le Corbusier in 1929, the LC1 Sling Chair or as known as the “Basculant” chair represents mid-century functional elegance. Inspired by the 18th Century foldable wooden seat, used on picnics during Colonial times. Le Corbusier’s creation combines form and function in a beautiful, minimalist design; the adjustable backrest provides additional seating comfort. Featured in various advertisements, the elegant lines, and subtlety of the profile of the LC1 Chair have established a timeless design appeal. As one of the pioneers of modern architecture, Le Corbusier’s infatuation with proportion and harmony of the forms has been infused in the finesse of his furniture designs.

Produced by hand for maximum precision of the design outline. The tilting backrest moves with the body render it optimal for flexibility and comfortability. FurnishPlus manufactures the Chair in quality top grain, aniline, vintage, and cowhide leather upholstery and a stylish steel frame.

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Additional information

Top Grain Leather:, Top Grain – Black, Top Grain – White, Aniline Italian Leather:, Aniline – Black, Aniline – White, Aniline – Dark Brown, Aniline – Cigar Brown, Vintage Aniline – Tan, Cowhide – Black & White Natural, Cowhide – Brown & White Natural

About the Designer

See Full Collection of Le Corbusier

Accredited as one of the pioneers of what is now called modern architecture, Charles Le Corbusier was born in Switzerland in 1887. His influence as an architect, designer, urbanist and writer cannot be underestimated, touching and affecting numerous nations worldwide across Europe, America and Asia.Dedicated to providing better living conditions for the residents of crowded cities, Le Corbusier applied such ideology to furniture design. He was obsessed with creating pieces that truly take human shape, form and behaviour into consideration, recognising the deep relationship between proportion and harmony. This ideology and an application of architectural genius are both evident within Le Corbusier’s furniture.Awarded the prestigious Frank P. Brown Medal and AIA Gold Medal in 1961, a celebration of Le Corbusier’s work is best summed up by his portrait featuring on the 10 Swiss francs banknote. His work is visible and showcased on an international scale, with the National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo and the Museum and Gallery of Art in India actually designed by this forefather of Modernism.
Reviews (25)

25 reviews for LC1 Sling Chair | Le Corbusier

  1. Tania Mair

    The chair is exactly what was advertised and looks great in my home.

  2. Imani Mccray

    The lc1 chair looks great with my daughter’s contemporary apartment and it’s quite comfortable. Reasonable pricing on furnish plus.

  3. Cordelia Barrow

    I love the mid-century design! And they are generally well made. I found a flaw but didn’t want to deal with returns exchanges so I’m just living with the defect. But they are otherwise exquisite and I plan to keep them.

  4. Julian Doyle

    I purchased 2, the cigar brown is so elegant. Every time I look at them I am more contented about the purchase. They are comfortable and attractive. Very happy with purchase.

  5. Mariyah Brett

    I absolutely love this chair from Furnish Plus. Purchased it for my vanity room. Perfect size and great quality. So happy the black came back into stock and right in time for my order.

  6. Cyrus Wood

    Love this chair! Style and quality have been great. Well made and fast delivery too

  7. Renesmee Ortega

    Beautiful sling chair! Item looks just as pictured. More comfortable than I thought. Just bought one to make sure I liked it. Love it and will buy the more products from Furnish Plus.

  8. Shazia Weber

    Very pleased with the this reproduction of the LC1 sling chair. It is very comfortable to sit on, the seat is slightly lower than I was expecting but still fine. The material looks good too.

  9. Mischa Ross

    I really like my sling chair, they are really nice to look at and comfortable to sit in. Solid construction, pair flawlessly with the area rug we selected.

  10. Raphael Howell

    Very comfortable. I’ve had the LC1 for around a year now. They hold up great. The leather material is strong and they are relatively sturdy.

  11. Annabella Lindsey

    Nice chairs. The stainless steel legs with chrome finish makes it looks expensive, leather are taut. Comfortable seat. Didn’t notice any wobbliness or unevenness in the legs.

  12. Saarah Haworth

    They are a very cool mid-century modern style. They are sturdier than you might think by looking at them. Awesome price on Furnish Plus.

  13. Addison Humphrey

    These chairs are outstanding! good quality and the detailing is gorgeous! I am thrilled!

  14. Calista Arnold

    I adore this LC1 chair. I bought it as a side chair, since I live in an urban apartment I thought it was a great chair for multi purposes. It looks great, feels sturdy and is super stylish and comfortable. At some point I might actually get to use it.

  15. Barney Allison

    Great chair. I use them in my living room as accent chairs. The design is so unique. I have got so many compliments already.

  16. Michele Burch

    These leather chairs are stunning and they’re perfect for this beautiful table I’ve had for decades. Now it is complete!

  17. Belle Mcmahon

    Just the chairs I wanted. Nice lightweight sharp looking sling chair. They are strong, and the leather is taut and firm.

  18. Claire Macleod

    Very comfortable. I have only sat in it a few times and really enjoyed each visit. I am worried that the leather may loosen or ware out. But for this great price, I’m happy with the purchase.

  19. Subhaan Howarth

    The LC1 chair is more comfortable than I thought and look high end in person.

  20. Martine Woodard

    The chair is great. We really loved them in our space. However, the delivery was only to curbside and it was a rainy day. We would have paid extra for inside delivery if we had known that was an option.

  21. August Naylor

    The stainless steel legs of this chair looks great. I love the chrome finish and the price was great!

  22. Eoin Welch

    This is a beautiful chair, very stylish and compact. It arrived ahead of schedule. The stainless steel legs are very rich looking, as well as the leather. I purchased two of them and am using them in my (very small) office as guest seating. Keep in mind, they don’t slide easily on tiled floor. They’re comfortable for small to average-sized people, but a tight fit for larger. Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase. Great value for the price.

  23. Sulaiman Daniel

    I love the simplicity of these chairs and couldn’t beat the price.

  24. Tamia Nava

    Love this reproduction of the LC1 Sling chair. The only thing is that they aren’t that comfortable. The look, the style, the leather its all spot on. But I guess this chair is not meant for comfort.

  25. Usama Ferrell

    They were exactly what I needed for the front of my salon waiting area. The fact that they can hold up a lot of weights a huge plus. Great purchase from Furnish Plus.

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