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Arne Jacobsen I Designer Wizard I And Why All The Hypes

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You might have seen this chair somewhere 

arne jacobsen

arne jacobsen

And yes, you might have seen this as well

arne jacobsen

arne jacobsen

They all look familiar. You’re not mistaken, these amazing furniture masterpieces were designed by the genius, architect and designer, Arne Jacobson, one of the most important pioneers that contributed to the mid-century style we all love and venerate.

To all readers who wonder about Arne’s style of work of art, we would describe his designs as “Timeless but yet relevant in time”. The reason being is after 70 years into mid-century evoked, interior devotees, including Furnish Plus, still can’t get enough of that superior quality and sleek look products by Arne Jacobson.

A rewind of Arne Jacobson life and his innovative inspirations

Born in 1902 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Arne Jacobson started his journey to the footprint in the world’s map of sculpture and design by attending the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. His talent was soon to be recognized with minimalist as well as futuristic resonance. Arne’s devotion, allegiance to every work also plays an important role in creating his career’s achievement.

Eager to see some of Arne Jacobson’s most iconic work? Here are three pieces that Furnish Plus is selling on our website

Egg Chair & Ottoman | Arne Jacobsen Style

Egg chair reproduction furnish plus

Egg chair reproduction by Furnish Plus

Originally, the chair was designed during his work for SAS Royal Hotel, Copenhagen. Along with the Swan Chair and Drop Chair, became his most iconic designs that are still in production today – Timeless! Following Arne Jacob’s ideas for simplicity, functionality, and aesthetics, the Egg Chair Replica that is available at Furnish Concept Plus is the perfect combination of horizontal and vertical composition. This unique creation was created from the garage of Arne Jacobsen and soon it became widely popular among the users for its mesmerizing beauty and highest comfort.

When he first started with this exceptional project, Arne Jacobson spent a lot of time thinking of a design that is content with integration. He wanted the hotel, from every single room to every lobby, to have a connection. This results in the Egg Chair with its remarkably refined seamless lines, running from the perfect height armrest to the embracing head back, making it one of the most comfortable chairs ever created in the wide mid-century era.
The reclining and 360-degree rotatable chair is made of a strong polyurethane foam inner shell that’s upholstered and reinforced with glass fiber. The tilt mechanism is made of steel sheet, steel tubing, and spring steel. The Egg Chair and Ottoman are available in a wide range of fabrics and leathers.

For options of color combination, please visit:

Furnish Plus also offers free swatches to accommodate customers’ requests. Please select your material options at:

Body Frame: Molded and curvature-true fiberglass shell with highly resilient urethane foam.
Foam Type: Cushioning of a high density of CA-117 available with PU-injected foam wrapped in synthetic Dacron silk.
Stitches Type: Hand-stitching material with the use of braided lock stitch technology for durability and comfort.
Material Type: Fabric (Danish Cashmere), Aniline, and Top-grain leather.
Base Frame: 4-star polished aluminum base finish resistant to chipping and flaking.
Ottoman: Optional matching ottoman available (optional).
Features: 360° swivel and adjustable tilt function available for movement control.
Safety: Each material is non-harmful, resistant to fire, and children friendly

This item is not manufactured by or affiliated with the original designer(s) and associated parties.

“These are perfect accent chairs! You sink right in once you get comfortable. Just don’t throw yourself down on them! They really make the sunroom everything I had hoped to envision.”
Jameel Underwood (January 16, 2021)-

And to strike your desire for this phenomenal piece of art, Furnish Plus is now offering 50 dollars on all of our products when you apply an extra50 at your checkout!

Swan Chair | Arne Jacobsen Style

Alongside the Egg chair, the Swan chair was originally crafted for the SAS. The chair allows its occupants to have a free pivot of 360 degrees, providing flexibility and utmost comfort, and its graceful look could uplift any setting, a perfect piece for the hotel lobby that he was putting his heart into. Carrying the same design inspiration of the Egg Chair and Ottoman, Arne Jacobson eliminated all the straight, angled lines, and connected the whole chair with one connected wavy seam – a literal swan.


Informative Image

Swan Chair I Furnish Plus Reproduction


The Swan Chair adorns living space, offices, and any public background. Organic curves integrate ergonomics as the chair is as comfortable as it is whimsical. Our take on this classic has its fiberglass shell luxuriously upholstered in fine, top-grain Italian leather.
The Swan Chair Replica is made with authentic, Italian leather and cashmere textile. More details are available at: The base consists of molded aluminum, sturdy and supported.

Width: 29.5″ x Depth: 25.2″ x Height: 31.9″
Seat height: 15.7″
Seat depth: 18.5″
Armrest height: 23.2″
Packing size: 30.7″ x 25.6″ x 25.6″
Net weight: 26 lbs

“The whole process right from the start to the checkout was very smooth. They have only agents that helped me with any questions that I had. I was recommended to buy The Swan Lounge Chair based on the interior design of my living room. I provided their online agent with pictures of what my living room looked like and they got back to me with a few recommendations. I chose this chair for the sole purpose of its very unique shape. I wish my space was bigger so I could buy two of them. Extremely comfortable. Highly recommended!”
-AJ (July 30, 2021)-

Drop Chair | Arne Jacobson

Yet another brilliant creation of Arne Jacobson, the Drop Chair was made during the same time as the iconic Egg Chair and Swan Chair, even though it doesn’t get the same recognition as its siblings do, the chair itself still strongly embodies Arne’s design spirit: simple, functional and aesthetically sophisticated.

Drop Chair I Furnish Plus

Drop Chair I Furnish Plus

Not until 2013, roughly 60 years after it was first introduced, the Drop Chair is now available to purchase in the market, along with worthy due that we have been waiting for. Furnish Plus is proud to be one the most reputed E-commerce company to reproduce the Egg Chair replica by Arne Jacobson, the item is on sale for CAD $470 on our website at:

Made with new materials and production methods, Furnish Plus is introducing two versions of seating: textile (cashmere) and leather upholstery with various color options.

In opposition to the Egg Chair and Swan Chair, the Drop Chair was omitted most of the holding area to provide occupants with the most leeway, making it the ideal chair for dining, leisure, and decoration.

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