Egg Chair

Egg Chair

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Fabric (100% Danish Cashmere):

100% Danish cashmere imported from Denmark

Fabric - Dark Grey

Premium Dark Grey Cashmere imported from Denmark.

Fabric - Light Grey

Premium Light Grey Cashmere imported from Denmark.

Fabric - Red

Premium Red Cashmere imported from Denmark.

Fabric - Orange

Premium Orange Cashmere imported from Denmark.

Fabric - Blue

Premium Blue Cashmere imported from Denmark.

Fabric - Green

Premium Green Cashmere imported from Denmark.

Fabric-Light Purple

Premium Light Purple Cashmere imported from Denmark.

Fabric - Black

Premium Black Cashmere imported from Denmark.

Fabric - White

Premium White Cashmere imported from Denmark.

Top Grain Leather:

Top grain leather is the second strongest type of leather. This leather type is recommended for commercial use. For personal use, we definitely recommend Aniline leather. Leather Weight(g/m²): 800

Top Grain - Black

Top Grain Black Leather imported from Europe.

Top Grain - White

Top Grain White Leather imported from Europe.

Aniline Italian Leather:

Aniline is 100% Italian leather, features the waxy oil finished on top which makes the leather much durable, comfortable, last longer and it is thicker than Top grain leather.
Leather Weight(g/m²): 865

Aniline - Black

Aniline Black Leather imported from Italy and features waxy oil finish on top .

Aniline - White

Aniline White Leather imported from Italy and features waxy oil finish on top .

Aniline - Dark Brown

Aniline Dark Brown Leather imported from Italy and features waxy oil finish on top .

Aniline - Cigar Brown

Aniline Cigar Brown Leather imported from Italy and features waxy oil finish on top .

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Details of Egg Chair:

  • Body Frame: Molded and Curvature-true fiberglass shell with polyurethane foam of high resilience
  • Foam Type: Cushioning of a high density of CA-117 available with PU-injected foam wrapped in synthetic Dacron silk
  • Stitches Type: Hand-stitching material with the use of braided lock stitch technology for durability and comfort
  • Material Type:  Fabric (Danish Cashmere) , Aniline and Top-grain leather
  • Base Frame: 4-star polished aluminum base finish resistant to chipping and flaking
  • Ottoman: Optional matching ottoman available (optional)
  • Features: 360° swivel and adjustable tilt function available for movement control
  • Safety: Each material is non-harmful, resistant to fire and children friendly
  • Click here for Egg chair ottoman
  • This item is not manufactured by or affiliated with the original designer(s) and associated parties.
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* All measurements are approximations.

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Jacobsen chair
Arne Jacobsen chair


The Egg chair was designed by renowned architect Arne Jacobsen in 1958. The classic chair was created for a Royal hotel called SAS hotel of Copenhagen, Denmark. It is perceived that the design of the Egg chair is inspired by that of the ‘Womb Chair’ of Eero Saarinen. This unique creation was created from the garage of Arne Jacobsen and soon it became widely popular among the users for its mesmerizing beauty and highest comfort.

A very soft and top-quality handmade cushion is used to produce the unique collections of Egg chairs. The fabric comes in Aniline and Top-grain leather options. The fiberglass and the aluminum construction of the leather options create room for the structure of the chair to move naturally. Moreover, the retro structure of the chair with a touch of unique design, coziness and modernity has recognized the Egg chair as a significant creation of the Nordic design legacy. The curving pattern also conforms to the physical structure of the chair.

Because of the aura, comfort and uniqueness of the chair, it was portrayed in the 6th book of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The standard, comfort and iconic design of the chair have been consistent for more than half a century. The design and adornment of the Egg chair render a feeling of simplicity yet it creates a sense of the highest comfort and luxury of the mid-century era and its distinctive designs.

Additional information

Fabric (100% Danish Cashmere):, Fabric – Dark Grey, Fabric – Light Grey, Fabric – Red, Fabric – Orange, Fabric – Blue, Fabric – Green, Fabric-Light Purple, Fabric – Black, Fabric – White, Top Grain Leather:, Top Grain – Black, Top Grain – White, Aniline Italian Leather:, Aniline – Black, Aniline – White, Aniline – Dark Brown, Aniline – Cigar Brown


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About the Designer

See Full Collection of Arne Jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971) is considered to be one of the most important Scandinavian architects and designers in post-war time. He is the legendary creator of several 20th Century furniture icons, including e.g. The "Egg" chair, The "Swan" chair and the "Ant" and "Seven series" chairs. Arne Jacobsen was one of the very early modernists in Danish architecture.  He was trained in the neoclassic school of the Academy of Art in Copenhagen in the 1920´s but was early open to the international modern movement. His most important commission was the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen from 1958, for which also many of the mentioned furniture icons were designed. Jacobsen designed not only the building but also the interior, right down to the smallest details. Arne Jacobsen developed his own signature style and worked independently from 1930 when he opened his own design office. He is the designer behind many modern classics ranging from furniture and lighting to textiles and cutlery.

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Egg Chair

  1. Robbie Mark

    Ended up buying the Egg Chair Canada over the LC4 Chair Canada as per their online agents recommendation with respect to my office set up. I get a lot of compliments from my clients who meet me in my office. Towards the end of the day, I always sit in it for a quick nap lol Its very comfortable and cozy.

  2. Aj

    The whole process right from the start to the checkout was very smooth. They have only agents that helped me with any questions that I had. I was recommend to buy the Egg Lounge Chair based on the interior design of my living room. I provided their online agent with pictures of what my living room looked like and they got back to be with a few recommendations. I chose this chair for the sole purpose of its very unique shape. I wish my space was bigger so could buy two of them. Extremely comfortable. Highly recommended!

  3. Sussan

    Extremely Satisfied. Very Functional. Looks good with my Living Room Decor.

  4. Ferri Su

    My item arrived today. Thank you Furnish Plus for the great customer service.

  5. Numi F

    I just received my Egg chair today and I very happy with the red cashmere fabric color that I picked. There was about 3 days delay in shipping but the manager AJ gave me $50 discount for this delay. Very good quality and assembly was so easy.

  6. Jorge

    Very comfortable chair. Received my Egg chair without. I am satisfied with the comfort and the quality of the fabric.

  7. Julie Ford

    I had been looking for one of these egg chairs for a while and had a hard time deciding between the one from Fplus and the Egg chair Walmart or Egg chair Wayfair. Furnish Concept Plus won me over with their good reviews and free shipping. They also assured me that If I am not happy with the quality I can return to their warehouse for a full refund. I am blessed to have found a business like them in my hometown. As for the chair, it came very well packaged and as per the description. Its a very comfortable chair and a great addition to my home office. 🙂

  8. Jan

    I purchased Egg chair and ottoman from Furnish Plus. In comparison to the Egg Chair Walmart Canada, Furnish Plus’s were of higher quality so we ended up returning the ones from Walmart marketplace. Chairs were packaged very well and were delivered on time. Im grateful for the attention to detail of the stitching on these chairs. The Cigar brown colour is very unique and definitely makes the chair the centrepiece of my living room. Very satisfied.

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