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Which Le Corbusier Item(s) Best Fit Your Home

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Now, you are expecting to move into your new home, and you are looking for some fixer-upper. It can be an exciting time to decorate (trust me, it is much better than doing the dishes), but it can also be a time of bewilderment. Let Furnish Plus suggest to you some of our bestselling items that would definitely elevate your entire living space.

Widely considered one of the most influential architects of the 20th century, Le Corbusier (born Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris) is credited with changing the face of urban architecture,

You may well have your preferred decorating style chosen for your entire home, but each room has its own characteristic and function. How the room is utilized, and by whom, should be considered as you organize each room and choose materials, adornments, and accents. Consider the use of each individual room and do your diligent research. A home decor should reflect your personal interests and taste, especially when picking such valuable items from your favorite designer.

If you’re a fan of Le Corbusier, this guide is all you need to decide which LC piece of furniture you should pick for your living room or your kitchen.

LC6 – The dining table that will elevate your dining experience

Created in 1929 the LC6 Dining Table made its debut at the Salon d’Automne in Paris as part of a new, revolutionary furniture collection. The thick glass and polished tubular legs make a strong impression that will modernize your living space. A perfect dining table for any member of the family with its amazing height-adjustable feature.

The base of the table is a seamless, one-piece steel frame with sculpted angles, which ensures the stability of the design. As an architect, Le Corbusier applied his established principles of proportion in all his furniture designs. The elliptical tube which was used to construct an airplane is what Le Corbusier had used to build the first LC6s. Besides its uniqueness, the material was chosen for its indicative association with the embodiment of the modern age.

Le Corbusier

This clever use of unusual materials has garnered the public’s attention. Having seen the design was very advanced for its time and commercial success was obvious. The LC6 Dining Table also allows you to adjust the height of the tabletop with four adjustable stilts for added flexibility in its use. The LC6 Table brings taste and elegance directly to your conference rooms or dining room with its modern components, oval-shaped base, and technical sophistication of adjustable reinforcement connecting metal and glass. Furnish Plus produces the LC6 Dining Table, with a welded aeronautical steel base with a premium glass tabletop, available in two thicknesses.

Having this amazing table in your dining area, Furnish Plus hopes you could cherish your enjoyable moments with your family and friends

LC2 – A classic sofa

The 3-seater Petit Sofa or the “Cushion baskets” as the LC group called their contemporary club chair exhibits Charles Le Corbusier’s recognized signature style. Nestled in the external steel frame is chunky, supple cushioning, harmonizing snugness with sleek and upscale design, emphasizing the design’s sought-after expression of volume. A follower of the International Style, Le Corbusier had a minimalist approach to his furniture design, which did not detract from the strong character of the finished look. His designs embody minimalist principles with great emphasis on the balance of form, which creates the beautiful visual profile of his furniture.

Le Corbusier

The low back of the sofa flows seamlessly into the armrests of the same height. This modernist take on the club chair is a great centerpiece for any home or office. The LC2 Collection offers deep, cushiony comfort you can relax around and into. Furnish Plus produces this design icon in quality top grain and aniline leather available in a variety of colors.

LC4 Chaise Lounge – The “Relaxing Machine”

Designed in the early 20th century, the LC4 Chaise Lounge Chair is a luxurious yet classic statement by Charles Le C. which is often referred to as the “ultimate relaxing machine”. This piece became a fundamental element of Charles’s line of furniture designs and has since remained a pioneer in the design industry. The unique shape of the chaise represents the natural contours of the human body providing an ergonomic seating and experience that is unmatched. The padded upholstery adds to the comfort. The sculpted steel tubes not only serve a structural purpose but also carry a unique look making the piece stand out in any environment.

Le Corbusier

This lounge chair is available in various upholstery from cowhides or Top-grain to Aniline leather in several colors. The chaise lounge also features an adjustable round neck roll which is made up of high-quality leather filled with down. The chaise lounge sits on a chromed-steel upper frame with the entire structure being supported by a black-painted steel base.

LC1 Sling Chair – A Cult Favourite.

Designed by Charles Le Corbusier in 1929, the LC1 Sling Chair or as known as the “Basculant” chair represents mid-century functional elegance. Inspired by the 18th Century foldable wooden seat, used on picnics during Colonial times. Le Corbusier’s creation combines form and function in a beautiful, minimalist design; the adjustable backrest provides additional seating comfort.

Which Le Corbusier Item(s) Best Fit Your Home

As you might have seen from various media sources, the elegant lines, and subtlety of the profile of the LC1 Chair have established a timeless design appeal. As one of the pioneers of modern architecture, Le Corbusier’s infatuation with proportion and harmony of the forms has been infused in the finesse of his furniture designs. Produced by hand for maximum precision of the design outline. The tilting backrest moves with the body render it optimal for flexibility and comfortability.

The idea behind these iconic chairs is simplicity, form, and function. These combined with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship that Furnish Plus promises to deliver to our dearest customers will bring you a working piece of history to cherish for a lifetime. For many of us, furnishing an entire home with iconic design is simply not realistic, but if we take time to understand the value in this furniture, it makes it that much sweeter when we do bring a piece home.

The LC 1 Sling Chair in quality top grain, aniline, vintage, and cowhide leather upholstery, and a stylish steel frame. For more color and material options, please give us a call at 1 (800)-828-3792.

LC3 Armchair – The “cushion basket”

Providing the utmost comfort, the LC3 is a luxurious armchair from the 1920s, it still remains contemporary now, over 80 years on. The chair consists of four unconnected cushions that are enclosed in a painted or chrome steel tube cage that constitutes the primary support system.


Le Corbusier

The framework, which was traditionally hidden, was placed on the chair and became a focal design feature. The strong presence of the cubic form of the chair is a result of Le Corbusier’s extensive study into modern design principles and the proportion of form. The padded cushions follow a classic, clean outline and provide comfortable seating. Known as the Grand Comfort Armchair, the LC3 is one of the established design classics of the 20th century. Furnish Plus produces the LC3 in quality top grain and aniline leather in various colors. For maximum comfort, the padding is filled with fire-retardant foam. The solid stainless-steel chrome completes the design of this piece of furniture. The soft filling of the LC3 Armchair by Furnish Plus is made up of polyurethane foam and polyester cotton.

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