Serena Modular Sofa | Corner Chair


Serena Modular Sofa | Corner Chair


Premium Plus Linen:
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Serena Modular Sofa Details:

  • Frame: Solid hardwood with no chemical treatment. Reinforced joinery with corner blocking.
  • Cushions: The cloud-like cushions feature 75% feather and 25% high-quality polyurethane foam core; wrapped by poly-fiber fill for the most relaxing experience.
  • Slipcovers: Water-resistant and easily removable for cleaning or to be replaced with new slipcovers. 
  • The modular comes fully assembled.
  • Care: Cushions require occasional “fluffing” to restore the natural puffiness. Slipcovers are stain-resistant and washable. Flip, fluff, and flatten cushions for even wear.
  • Safety information: Each material is non-harmful, resistant to fire, and child friendly.
  • This item is not manufactured by or affiliated with the original designer(s) and associated parties.
  • Customer reviews: Read verified reviews here.

Product Dimensions:

Serena Modular Sofa | Corner Chair


  • Width: 40″ x Depth: 40″ x Armrest Height: 24.5″
  • Seat height: 18.5″

* All measurements of the Serena Modular Sofa are approximations.

Serena Modular Sofa | Corner Chair:

Introducing our most laid-back lounging experience, the Serena modular sofa. Designed for you to enjoy with friends, family, or just some quality self-care time, the Serena Modular Sofa features a low 31.5” back and wide armrest for a submerging effect. Easy to maintain and quick to change slipcovers whenever a make-over is needed. Each module is customizable to suit your space while still providing impressive comfort. 

Configure your own personal and unique setup of the sofa with the Corner Chair, Armless Chair, and Ottoman. Learn more about all the configurations and contact Furnish Plus at 1 (800) 828-3792

View more available combinations.

Additional information
Weight103.6 lbs
Dimensions30.3 × 96.5 × 27.6 in

Premium Plus Linen:, White, Off-White, Beige, Light Grey, Dark Grey

About the Designer

Timothy Oulton

Reviews (15)

15 reviews for Serena Modular Sofa | Corner Chair

  1. Jannah Butler

    The service is amazing, i talked with jemmy? (I’m sorry if I said it wrong) at his office on a Saturday morning, he worked on a weekend just for us! I am so thankful and very happy with their advice and the set that we’ve got. I strongly suggest you visit their showroom before ordering to get the full experience of this cloud sofa

  2. Arlo Redmond

    I hopped by their rather small showroom in Yaletown last Thursday afternoon when I was in the neighbourhood and it was well worth the visit – very nice ambience and great hospitality from their staff, more shocking that all the chairs that we needed were available, normally it tends to be a custom order for couple of months. Great job and pleasant purchase

  3. Annabelle Samuels

    We got the 2 piece first before the other arriving in two months, very happy with our purchase and will recommend to others, also you could get the swatch for free

  4. Enid Buxton

    very nice, I’ve been looking at some options and glad that I found them online. i ordered 2 pieces of the corner chair and the quality is much more than I expect!

  5. Adeline Hancock

    Good fabric, I like how textured hand it looks and feels in real life. Their delivery is very straight forward that I received my item 4 days since my order in, shipped to Calgary

  6. Nyah Dawson

    We were going to get the couch from sundays but decided to give it a try to visit their showroom the other day. They’re definitely a hidden gem. Got our sofa one day delivered kinda crazy in a good way.

  7. Kya Wickens

    Logistic miracle, I don’t know how they do it but trust me I got my couch 2 days after I paid. weirdly satisfied

  8. Adelle Maguire

    So much cheaper than other options I know for this cloud sofas I see in Vancouver! And the quality is great as well!

  9. Nicole Guerrero

    Love this Serena cloud like sofa. I was looking for months and months and honestly was disappointed with limited options for dupes they have in Canada. Just randomly stumbled into this company and they seemed legit. I received my frame/ core sofa before the custom covers arriving later

  10. Jean-Luc Bartlett

    Magnifique! Je l’aime tellement très bon canapé

  11. Rayan Dodd

    I’m impressed by how underrated these guys are in the furniture game. Me and my wife were just casually browsing facebook marketplace and saw this cloud like sofa. We went to their sort of mixed showroom and office in downtown Vancouver to check out the real product and instantly liked it so much. Fabric is great and most importantly they have stock available so we order a loveseat two pieces for our condo. Definitely great experience and will recommend if you are looking for the same

  12. Roberta Moreno

    Amazing chair, I got my sectional not too long ago after my friend recommended me and I loved it so much. The fabric that they make, linen is surprisingly comfortable, compared to the feel i normally have with this fabric in beddings. Delivery is very fast as well. 5 stars!

  13. Debbie Mohammed

    Definitely a worth spent comparing to the original sofas selling for at least 15k. Customer service is ace as well

  14. Shyla Pritchard

    Wish there were more fabric options, but overall it’s a very good item

  15. Dominik Brandt

    Very happy with this product, we actually ordered their shell chair back in 2018 and now doing a little reno and put our trust in furnish plus again. Lucky this time we didn’t have to wait for long as they were having them in stock. Will recommend to our friends for a great customer service and fine manufactured furniture company.

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