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PK20 Chair | Poul Kjaerholm


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Top Grain Leather:

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Top Grain - Black

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Top Grain - White

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Aniline Italian Leather:

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Aniline - Black

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PK20 Chair

pk20 chair replica

PK20 Lounge Chair – Wicker by Poul Kjaerholm

PK 20 / PK20 lounge chair Fritz Hansen

pk20 chair for sale


  • Frame: highly polished #304-grade tubular stainless steel frame with a brushed finish. Joints are silver welded.
  • Upholstery: Imported Italian leather.
  • Cushion: Low-profile high-density foam.
  • Safety information: Each material is non-harmful, resistant to fire, and child friendly.
  • This item is not manufactured by or affiliated with the original designer(s) and associated parties.
  • Customers reviewsRead verified reviews here.


Informative Image

  • Width: 24″ x Depth: 33.7″ x Height: 34.8″
  • Seating height: 16.3″
  • Seating depth: 19.5″
  • Packing size: 35.4″ x 25.2″ x 36.2″
  • Net weight: 66.1 lbs

* All measurements are approximations.

Poul Kjærholm PK20 Chair:

The PK20 designed by Poul Kjærholm is a serene, graceful, and luxurious chair. It has become a mid-century classic over the years, as well as a permanent fixture at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Poul Kjaerholm’s constant experiment with steel, utilizing its natural flexibility and strength has produced the PK22 with a cantilever seat supported exclusively by the two front legs, presenting a slim, dramatic curvy figure.

The chair now features handcrafted soft leather upholstery and a reclining backrest, supported by a flexible matt chromed spring steel frame. In addition to the high back, the chair comes with a matching leather headrest.

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Additional information
Weight77.1 lbs
Dimensions25.2 × 35.4 × 36.2 in

Top Grain Leather:, Top Grain – Black, Top Grain – White, Aniline Italian Leather:, Aniline – Black, Aniline – White, Aniline – Dark Brown, Aniline – Cigar Brown, Vintage Aniline – Tan

About the Designer

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Lauded for his distinctive style of furniture design, Poul Kjaerholm was born in Øster Vrå, Denmark in 1929. His pieces are considered to contain a minimalist yet articulate form, all embossed with that signature style that continues to be celebrated worldwide to this day.With the humble beginning as a cabinetmaker's apprentice with the firm Gronbech in 1948, Kjaerholm went on to forge his design ideology at the Danish School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen. Shirking away from the majority of his Scandinavian counterparts, the Dane chose steel as his primary material of choice over wood. "Steel’s constructive potential is not the only thing that interests me, the refraction of light on its surface is an important part of my artistic work.”Awarded the prestigious Lunning Award and Grand Prize at the Milan Triennale in 1958 and 1960 respectively; Kjaerholm’s designs continue to be included in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and within numerous other museums across Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Germany.
Reviews (9)

9 reviews for PK20 Chair | Poul Kjaerholm

  1. Diya Mcintosh

    I love this item! This reminds me of their famous Cesca Chair with the same C leg base design that is well supported. I was looking for a modern and gotta be very simple chair and found this office like PK20 Chair, regardless of it’s non cushion look, it is perfect for reclining and really ideal if you read a lot like me!

  2. Jazmyn Salinas

    We had one of these PK20 Chair 2 months ago and as soon as it arrived, we decided to order another one even though that meant we had to wait for another 2 months since its a custom order, but the quality was definitely worth the wait. At the moment, me and my husband sorta alternate our turn using this chair, it’s ultimately comfortable regardless of it loos-like-easy to break look.

  3. Sabah Miranda

    I think this PK20 Chair got the combination of all, it’s almost like an office chair but it’s not, it’s almost like a lounge chair but it’s not, it’s everything. Very comfy yet it saves up your space since it stands up a bit in shape I really like it.

  4. Jaydon Waller

    Yet another high quality product for this pk20 chair replica by Furnish Plus, I just got it for my home last week, very well supported chair and the comfiness is on point as well

  5. Annette Beard

    Love the curves the designer made for this PK20 Chair, very aesthetic and elegant. This is definitely one of the most impressive looking midcentury modern pieces I’ve seen so far

  6. Aamna Reeve

    It is a nice comfortable chair, a lot of my friends were asking where I got these PK20 Chair from and I think you got some good reviews from me haha

  7. Rojin Davison

    My cousin got this pk20 chair for sale last September, might as well copy him for my home! Nice chair for sure

  8. Ainsley Conner

    Strong recommendation for this PK 20 / PK20 lounge chair Fritz Hansen for anyone looking for a comfortable chair to lounge on but also seeks for a simple modern style.

  9. Alistair Holloway

    Just ordered my PK20 Lounge Chair – Wicker by Poul Kjaerholm with these guys, quite excited I hope it’ll come as it looks on the website

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