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LC6 Dining Table


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LC6 Dining Table

cassina lc6 dining table

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11 Best LC6 Table ideas


  • Tabletop: Clear thick tempered glass.
  • Base: Stainless steel elliptical tube with a powder-coated matte finish.
  • Features: Adjustable height.
  • Safety information: Each material is non-harmful, resistant to fire, and child friendly.
  • This item is not manufactured by or affiliated with the original designer(s) and associated parties.
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lc6 dining table

  • Width: 88.6″ x Depth: 33.5″ x Height: 27.6″
  • Packing size:
    • Table: 91.7″ x 36.6″ x 2.8″
    • Frame: 61″ x 4.3″ x 2.6″
    • Base: 30.7″ x 8.7″ x 28″
  • Net weight: 165.3 lbs

* All measurements of the LC6 Dining Table are approximations.

Le Corbusier LC6 Dining Table:

Created in 1929 the LC6 Dining Table made its debut at the Salon d’Automne in Paris as part of a new, revolutionary furniture collection. The refined combination of glass and steel comprises an elegant and durable table design. The base of the table is a seamless, one-piece steel frame with sculpted angles, which ensures the stability of the design. As an architect, Le Corbusier applied his established principles of proportion in all his furniture designs.

The elliptical tube which was used to construct an airplane is what Le Corbusier had used to build the first LC6s. Besides its uniqueness, the material was chosen for its indicative association with the embodiment of the modern age. This clever use of unusual materials has garnered the public’s attention. Having seen the design was very advanced for its time and commercial success was obvious. The LC6 Dining Table also allows you to adjust the height of the tabletop with four adjustable stilts for added flexibility in its use.

The LC6 Table brings taste and elegance directly to your conference rooms or dining room with its modern components, oval-shaped base, and technical sophistication of adjustable reinforcement connecting metal and glass. FurnishPlus produces the LC6 Dining Table, with a welded aeronautical steel base with a premium glass tabletop, available in two thicknesses.

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Additional information
Weight143.3 lbs
Dimensions36.6 × 91.7 × 28 in

15mm, 19mm

About the Designer

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Accredited as one of the pioneers of what is now called modern architecture, Charles Le Corbusier was born in Switzerland in 1887. His influence as an architect, designer, urbanist and writer cannot be underestimated, touching and affecting numerous nations worldwide across Europe, America and Asia.Dedicated to providing better living conditions for the residents of crowded cities, Le Corbusier applied such ideology to furniture design. He was obsessed with creating pieces that truly take human shape, form and behaviour into consideration, recognising the deep relationship between proportion and harmony. This ideology and an application of architectural genius are both evident within Le Corbusier’s furniture.Awarded the prestigious Frank P. Brown Medal and AIA Gold Medal in 1961, a celebration of Le Corbusier’s work is best summed up by his portrait featuring on the 10 Swiss francs banknote. His work is visible and showcased on an international scale, with the National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo and the Museum and Gallery of Art in India actually designed by this forefather of Modernism.
Reviews (10)

10 reviews for LC6 Dining Table

  1. Nikolas Sheehan

    It is a statement piece for sure. I ordered the LC6 Dining Table 4 months ago and still loving it a lot

  2. Zachary Storey

    This LC6 Dining Table is almost perfect if the edges were ground a bit, I am clumsy so sometimes I bumped into it, but overall it’s a well deserved purchasing item.

  3. Sanaya Fischer

    One thing I like about this design was the legs are non stainable which reduces lots of time cleaning. And it is pretty cool to change the height as well

  4. Nella Leech

    Lovely piece, got good sales on Black Friday and hoping to get this before Christmas, the service is good

  5. Dorothy Davie

    All Corbusier designs are so elegant, quite obsessed with this LC6 Dining Table with my black aniline leather PK8 dining chairs

  6. Tahlia Buck

    This fits really well in my kitchen even my some of my furniture are vintage (Ventunra Dining Chair). The fun thing about this product is that I could adjust the height so when my friends over I could lower it down a bit (as to my normal height I usually keep for myself, I’m 6’5), so 10 points for flexibility. Well recommended this LC6 Dining Table to anyone looking for a flexible item

  7. Riyad Dyer

    Got 23% off Le Corbusier LC6 Dining Table, couldn’t be happier with the quality of you guys’ service, thanks a lot

  8. Aine Peck

    This LC6 Dining Table will be the excellent dining furniture for your home. I ordered one in March, and still very happy with this table. The height is adjustable and glass counter is of very high quality. But take a note that this is not recommended for family with children

  9. Marek Lees

    Since I saw this cassina lc6 dining table, I immediately knew that I needed to have it. Fits perfectly in my dining room, it’s very functional. 5/5

  10. Ishaq Horne

    Looked up Pinterest for best LC6 Table ideas and this came to me like magic, had one and very impressed with how flexible it is. Thanks for shipping so quickly and delivered carefully!

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