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Introducing our Flag Halyard Chair inspired by Hans Wegner

Flag Halyard Chair | Hans Wegner Style

Flag Halyard Chair hans wegner
Flag Halyard Chair’s Story:

Hans Wegner’s Flag Halyard chair is a perfect example of what modern design can achieve beyond imagination. With the unique cradle-like design one is guaranteed comfort and elegance while enjoying a lounging experience from a fine form of art. The solid build and rugged design with the fluffy appearance from the sheep skin also provides balance and strength to the chair without compromising beauty and aesthetics.
The longhaired sheepskin gives an intriguing look yet it provides a luxurious comfort which is totally relaxing. Comfort enjoyment is also enhanced by the 240m flag line wrapping the frame of solid brushed 304-grade stainless steel to give a perfect tension as well. One can also customize the headrest and luxurious sheep skin to provide a perfect pairing of the two to the chair enhancing its beauty and conforming to the desired surroundings. The chair usually comes with a down feathered headrest which aniline leather upholstered and the sheep skin is usually Australian.
Dimension features of the chair include width 41in, Depth 45.75in and height 31.25in. Glamorous finish is achieved by coating the base with white powder and this gives a decisive mastered elegance to the steel. The frame and halyard design is simply amazing, sturdy and well built.
Looking at the chair, one can consider the design to be both retro and futuristic with a touch of luxury giving an ultimate relaxation on a lazy day off. Also total relaxation is achieved by the angles of the frame and legs so that one can really enjoy the chair to the maximum.

Flag Halyard Chair hans wegner

The innovation surrounding the Flag Halyard chair will give outdoor lounging experience a different taste whether sitting on the verandah or by the poolside or even in a luxurious lounge where the atmosphere is purely for ultimate relaxation, one is guaranteed satisfaction. Inspired by a family beach holiday, one can perceive the concept and simplicity of the idea resulting in such an amazing and truly refined design. A true art for the body indeed.
Robust in design, yet it is compact and easy for anyone to use the Flag Halyard can stand the test of time. In as much as the design is more futuristic, there is still a mid century modern touch with the spacious outlook and rigidity in design. Nothing can beat the untouched originality in the design of the flag halyard chair which adds essence and glamour to lounging. A special mention is the softness of the sheepskin which somehow manages to remove the usual coldness of the stainless and this really adds elegance to the whole design feature. That alone is true artistic nature inspired from above with the capability of mastering steel aesthetics as one would do to wood when it comes to furniture design. The combination of sheep skin and stainless steel alone shows a deep intuitive sensing of form and taste something that can be very peculiar to inspired and innovative artist and designers. And Flag Halyard chair truly reflects this in its simplicity and modesty yet there is also a teasing appeal to it all.

Flag Halyard Chair hans wegner
The Flag Halyard chair is a must get for the relaxation lovers and who truly want to experience fine art which involves a combination of different forms of material giving a unique touch of class and beauty. It’s never an option to include such fine furniture piecework in one’s collection. Indeed, it’s a must and the surrounding can conform to such quality of class.

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