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The Aesthetic Looking PK80 Daybed

Story about the PK80 daybed:

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In an attempt to combine sublime and necessity, Poul Kjaerholm ended up designing PK80 daybed. This resulted in the most iconic and sophisticated design with splendid beauty. The daybed is a clear representation of the Poul Kjaerholm’s process of refining historical models then distilling its essence and thereafter demonstrate its ability to balance the choose of materials and the construction of it. 

He obtained the inspiration of the daybed from Bauhaus and this, in turn, had been inspired by many ancient roman couches. The characteristic feature of this PK80 daybed is that it is low in height. The PK80 daybed lies on top of a plywood bedplate. The cushion foam is composed of granulated foam. The frame of the bed is made from brushed stainless steel.

About the Designer:

Born in 1929, Poul Kjaerholm was the final figure to have emerged from the Danish Furniture tradition. In fact, he is one of the most significant furniture designers of 20th century. Formerly, he had been trained as a cabinetmaker.

He studied in the School of Arts and Crafts of Copenhagen. It is here that the developed the modern vision for building furniture which combined the industrial production along with craft technique. After having experimented with different molded materials, Kjaerholm was able to develop the mature method. This is a method of treating a steel construction with utmost delicacy and precision, applying traditional techniques of woodworking.

The aesthetics of him revolves around the open modular structures where the ornamental, as well as the historical monuments were stripped away in order to reveal the quality of the construction and the beauty of the material.

All through his life, Kjaerholm had been awarded with various awards. As a matter of fact, he was able to win international recognition by creating PK22 chair. It won the Grand Prize in Milan Treenail in 1957 and also in 1960. He also won the Lunning Award in 1958. His works have been included in the collection of the museums across the world. This includes New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Here, his furniture is used in the galleries and also in the public areas.

Features of PK80 Day Bed by Furnish Plus:

The reproduction of PK80 Daybed by Furnish Concept is made from authentic Aniline full grain leather. The leather is imported from Italy. There are innumerable colors and finishes. Same quality of leather is used for making every leather parts of the daybed.

The base of the PK 80 daybed has been composed of stainless steel. The legs of the daybed have rubber caps to prevent it from sliding or scratching the surface of the floor.

The sculptural form of the daybed makes it suitable to be installed in any environment.



You can use it in your home and relax while watching TV or reading a book.


You can also keep it in your office for a minimalist look.


The daybed is a comfortable sitting space where you can relax your body after a whole day’s hectic schedule. This comfy and elegant looking piece is available in various colors which enables you to choose the color that you want. Apart from being comfortable, it will also enhance the look of a particular area by making it look more stunning and elegant. If you want this unique PK 80 daybed then visit here.

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