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How Flag Halyard Chair Change The Style of Your Space!

The Story About Flag Halyard Chair:

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The Flag Haylard Chair is a completely unique piece of furniture. At first glance, it does look futuristic. As such, the trivial conditions in which this chair came to be designed by the famed Hans Wegner make it all the more interesting. It was a hot afternoon in the summer. The kids were away splashing around in shallow waters. On the other hand, Wenger was busy digging the sand to create a chair that he could comfortably lie in and enjoy the day. Once he returned to his summerhouse, Wenger started to sketch something that would go on to become the Flag Halyard Chair PP225. His inspiration was the seating angles that he first used for his sand chair at the beach.

Wenger is known for preferring wood but he opted for steel in this piece. It simply goes on to show his incredible talent for creation and proves that he is just as elegant a master with steel as he is with wood. His Flag Halyard Chair is a tribute to the early modernists including Marcel Breuer and le Corbusier.

Flag Halyard Chair


Who was the Designer of Flag Halyard Chair?

Hans Jørgensen Wegner was a world-famous furniture designer. Born in Denmark, he became renowned for his high quality work. He was instrumental in making mid-century Danish design popular across the world. Wenger’s Organic Functionality style is a modernist school of thought that places a lot of emphasis on functionality.

During his lifetime, Wenger designed more than 500 different chairs, many of which have become icons in the world of furniture design. Over a hundred of them entered mass production as well. Wenger’s work was all about pushing the traditional elements to their limit and some of his most famous pieces came about this way. He once worked with Arne Jacobsen, another legend among Danish designers. Wenger kept up a high level of productivity throughout his life, retiring only in his last decade.

Flag Halyard Chair3

The Features of Flag Halyard Chair

The Flag Halyard Chair reproduction from Furnish Concept Plus features the use of a solid brushed frame crafted from 340-grade stainless steel. To ensure that you are enjoying a comfortable seat, 240m of flag line has been used for wrapping the frame so that the tension is perfect.

The headrest has been cushioned with down feathers only for additional comfort. It has been upholstered with high quality Italian Aniline Leather. You can choose the top grain leather in a range of colors to suit the décor of your room. The seat is made of long-haired Australian sheep skin that imparts a luxurious feel. A coating of white powder has been applied to the base that makes the whole chair look stunning. The dimensions of the chair are 41in for the width, 45.75in for the depth and 31.25in for the height.

The chair is perfect for lounging thanks to the incredible level of comfort offered by the cradle design. The natural sheep skin cushion adds to the luxurious feel of the piece while the looks are accentuated by the steel frame. Moreover, its modern design makes it an excellent addition to all homes. Place it in the living room or sitting room for the best effect.


Flag Halyard Chair


If you are looking for a chair that can uplift the modern appeal of your room, the Flag Halyard Chair will be the perfect chair. In fact, you can place it in any space that needs a luxurious seating and an improvement to the décor. Furnish Concept Plus offers the only reproduction of the chair in North America. Visit Flag Halyard Chair by FurnishPlus today.



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