Serena Modular Sofa | Armless Chair


Serena Modular Sofa | Armless Chair


Premium Plus Linen:
Light Grey
Dark Grey



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Serena Modular Sofa Details

  • Frame: Solid hardwood with no chemical treatment. Reinforced joinery with corner blocking.
  • Cushions: The cloud-like cushions feature 75% feather and 25% high-quality polyurethane foam core; wrapped by poly-fiber fill for the most relaxing experience
  • Slipcovers: Water-resistant and easily removable for cleaning or to be replaced with new slipcovers. 
  • The modular comes fully assembled.
  • Care: Cushions require occasional “fluffing” to restore the natural puffiness. Slipcovers are stain resistant and washable. Flip, fluff, and flatten cushions for even wear.
  • Safety information: Each material is non-harmful, resistant to fire, and child friendly.
  • This item is not manufactured by or affiliated with the original designer(s) and associated parties.
  • Customer reviews: Read verified reviews here.

Product Dimensions:

Cloud Armless Module


  • Width: 40″ x Depth: 40″ x Back Height: 24.5″
  • Seat height: 18.5″

* All measurements of the Serena Modular Sofa are approximations.

Serena Modular Sofa | Armless Chair

Introducing our most laid-back lounging experience, the Serena modular sofa. Designed for you to enjoy with friends, family, or just some quality self-care time, the Serena Modular Sofa features a low back and wide armrest for a submerging effect. Easy to maintain and quick to change slipcovers whenever a make-over is needed. Each module is customizable to suit your space while still providing impressive comfort. 

Configure your own personal and unique setup of the sofa with the Corner Chair, Armless Chair, and Ottoman. Learn more about all the configurations and contact Furnish Plus at 1 (800) 828-3792

View more available combinations.

Additional information
Weight103.6 lbs
Dimensions30.3 × 96.5 × 27.6 in

Premium Plus Linen:, White, Off-White, Beige, Light Grey, Dark Grey

About the Designer

Timothy Oulton

Reviews (15)

15 reviews for Serena Modular Sofa | Armless Chair

  1. Quinn Trevino

    I picked up at their warehouse so I saved almost 500 dollars, very good service

  2. Margot Drew

    I only ordered this and using as a bed end lounger, it looks awesome! Enough cushion but not too soft for the sinking in feel, which is actually great that you won’t have to refluff it every time.

  3. Christy West

    My purchase was seamless, I live in vancouver so we paid at discounted price and picked up at their warehouse only 2 days since ordered. Excellent quality!

  4. Isaac Tucker

    Thanks Furnish Plus for this great product, been looking for a modular sofa for so long and everywhere was out of stock. The premium furnish plus fabric is a to go for that I would expect in a sofa

  5. Damien Randolph

    Their packaging is a legend, all corners of the box were protected with wooding creates that I gotta spend a bit of time hammering them down, then plastic wrapped inside. Can’t really complain about anything for my chair

  6. Blake Golden

    Prices are very competitive and I will definitely look into buying more in the near future

  7. Diesel Mayo

    Great spent for a dupe version, one of my friends family got this original sofa and I must say furnish plus version is 90% resemblant to restoration hardware. I picked up this chair myself at their warehouse so it was much cheaper that I didn’t pay for delivery charge

  8. Constance York

    The linin fabric is very high quality i loved it

  9. Glyn Chandler

    Quite excited for our couch in September, they have a humble size showroom in downtown if you would like to give a visit

  10. Hilda Rose

    I didn’t know much about furnish plus at first but then I decided to give them a try and I was in love with my wishbone chairs so came back for more furniture since we moved into our new condo, this is definitely a worthy spent!

  11. Hilda Rose

    I didn’t know much about furnish plus but a friend bought their wishbone chairs and the quality was really impressive, that I decided to order their couch for our new condo, this is definitely a worthy spent! Shockingly happy with my order

  12. Elara Villa

    Was looking for this and the very white color like restoration couch has, but I finally order their white ish, which was actually very nice and reflects lighting well

  13. Carter Lane

    Nice quality

  14. Ayah Key

    Warehouse is a bit difficult to find, but other than that everything was pleasurable, will recommend if you’re looking for a high quality dupe from RH couch

  15. Betty Quintero

    It’s rare that you can order furniture that is available right away nowadays with logistics post covid. I guess we were really lucky that we order their sofa set, literally the last one that I would be sick of waiting some couple months. Thanks for providing such great customer service and the delivery was a breeze

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