Norman Cherner Side Chair


Norman Cherner Side Chair

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Norman Cherner Side Chair

norman cherner plycraft chair

norman cherner chair original

Norman Cherner Side


  • Material: Certified FAS grade wood. American solid ash wood. 
  • Finish: Coats of lacquer provide a smooth and glossy finish resistant to damages.
  • Safety information: Each material is non-harmful, resistant to fire, and child friendly.
  • This item is not manufactured by or affiliated with the original designer(s) and associated parties.
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Product Dimensions:

Informative Image

  • Width: 17.3″ x Depth: 20.5″ x Height: 32.7″
  • Seat depth: 17.3″
  • Seat height: 17.7″
  • Packing size: 20.9″ x 18.1″ x 33.5″
  • Net weight: 11 lbs

* All measurements of the Norman Cherner Side Chair are approximations.

Norman Cherner Side Chair:

One of the most iconic pieces of mid-century furniture is the shapely and classic Norman Cherner Side Chair. This molded plywood chair offers not only everlasting appeal and dramatic sculptural beauty but also exceptional structural strength and comfort beyond your expectation. Generous seating and an incurvated backrest widest at the shoulder, supported by tapered legs. Four coats of natural finish lacquer are applied for the final touch. 

Minimalistic as it may be, this sculpture of a stool is sustainable and designed to last. The Cherner Chair’s natural, contoured shape allows the body to relax easily, making it a perfect addition to any home, hospitality, or office setting.

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Additional information
Weight17.6 lbs
Dimensions20.9 × 18.1 × 33.5 in
Wood Veneer

Select Wood Veneer:, Black Wood Finish, Natural Oak Finish, Walnut Finish

About the Designer

Norman Cherner (1920–1987), was a trailblazer both in prefab housing and molded plywood. He taught and before that, studied at the Columbia University Fine Arts Department and was an instructor at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (1947 - 1949). Here he also delved into the Bauhaus movement, began a lifetime exploration of multidisciplinary design, from toys, lighting, glassware, shelving, and furniture to his innovative work in economical prefabricated housing. Early in his career, Cherner envisaged houses as a total design concept and designed low-cost furniture particually for these affordable modular dwellings. One of his first prefabricated houses was designed, produced, and assembled (1957) for the U.S. Department of Housing. After being exhibited in Vienna, it was moved back to Connecticut and uncrated to become his first studio and home. The molded plywood seating line is what Cherner is best known for.
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