Husk Armchair | Patricia Urquiola


Husk Armchair | Patricia Urquiola


Danish Cashmere:

100% Danish cashmere imported from Denmark

Fabric - Dark Grey

Premium Dark Grey Cashmere imported from Denmark.

Fabric - Light Grey

Premium Light Grey Cashmere imported from Denmark.

Fabric - Red

Premium Red Cashmere imported from Denmark.

Fabric - Orange

Premium Orange Cashmere imported from Denmark.

Fabric - Blue

Premium Blue Cashmere imported from Denmark.

Fabric - Green

Premium Green Cashmere imported from Denmark.

Fabric-Light Purple

Premium Light Purple Cashmere imported from Denmark.

Fabric - Black

Premium Black Cashmere imported from Denmark.

Fabric - White

Premium White Cashmere imported from Denmark.




Husk Armchair | Patricia Urquiola

Husk Armchair

husk armchair b&b italia

husk armchair replica

Husk Swivel Chair’s Details: 

  • Base frame: Wood veneer with a natural finish.
  • Shell: Molded fiberglass shell with a shiny finish.
  • Cushioning: High-density foam cushioning is covered with down feathers. bottom seat cushions have been reinforced
  • Upholstery: Genuine Danish Cashmere & premium Italian leather.
  • Safety informationEach material is non-harmful, resistant to fire, and child friendly.
  • This item is not manufactured by or affiliated with the original designer(s) and associated parties.
  • Customer reviewsRead verified reviews here.

Product Details:

  • Width: 31″ x Depth: 32″ x Height: 43″
  • Seat height: 17.75″

* All measurements of the Husk Armchair are approximations.

Patricia Urquiola Husk Armchair:

The Husk Armchair was designed by Patricia Urquiola for Bebi Italia. This lovely ergonomic armchair was the result of a new project based on a new language. It is an ode to softness while providing oodles of physical and mental comfort thanks to its ergonomic design. It has an original character that can pair perfectly with a range of styles. The hard frame is made of multilayer polymer padded with a soft cushion reinforced to maintain comfort at all times, though seemingly accentuate its ergonomic form. You can easily place it with a classic sofa in a living room. It fits nicely into an office or even the bedroom.

Using sustainable materials to produce this chair, comfort is not compromised. The generous and extra soft, inviting seating welcomes the seater to relax. The chair can be accompanied by a matching footrest.

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Additional information

Danish Cashmere:, Fabric – Dark Grey, Fabric – Light Grey, Fabric – Red, Fabric – Orange, Fabric – Blue, Fabric – Green, Fabric-Light Purple, Fabric – Black, Fabric – White

About the Designer
The beautiful B&B Husk Swivel Chair is the creation of Patricia Urquiola. She currently works as an architect and designer for noted leading international companies but mainly Italian ones. While she was born in Spain, Patricia now lives in Milan, the famed design metropolis. Her “Studio Urquiola” strives to embody a modern style that features unexpected elements and feminine accents. Her creations are spread over a variety of categories including tiles, furniture, rugs, fabrics, lighting and even bathroom mixers. Patricia’s distinctive style is a fascinating blend of the minimal and the floral resulting in the development of designs which are lively but still simple. Her ability to mix patterns, materials and styles to suit her own personal style has won her fans from across the world.
Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Husk Armchair | Patricia Urquiola

  1. Lola-Mae Christian

    I thought it was a bit pricey for such a single piece but when I tried this one at my friends place then I get it. It’s a well spent for many years. The leg base are well supported even though I’m kinda big, and have to mention its full of cushion design which is great for long resting

  2. Alexandra Broadhurst

    Lovely design that gives ultimate comfort, I especially like my orange cashmere, fashionable and I could just lounge and fall asleep many times. Highly recommend this Husk Armchair

  3. Mariella Allen

    We got super lucky that we ordered this Husk Chair before they declared emergency flooding situation in BC (which I know most of others won’t get their furniture or anything else before Christmas). My wife loves it as well as I do, the color is bright and well dyed (still not recommend having it exposed to frequent sunlight), and it reflects nicely with the color of the base

  4. Yusuf Hartman

    Great accent piece, this husk chair looks absolutely gorgeous, I had this from furnish plus 4 months ago when it was not on sale (sad). It stands out with the color block and makes my room more appealing.

  5. Devante Navarro

    Got delivered just Thursday, loved it so much, it feels like embracing my whole body when I sit on it. I also had some discounts when I ordered this Husk Chair during their cyber week which was lovely as well, good chair for a single

  6. Isla Kouma

    I order my husk armchair b&b italia, was very happy with it, I really hope you guys could make it with leather

  7. Cadi Sheridan

    First saw this Husk Armchair with Rove but I was a bit skeptical about their production and my friend recommended me this website, I ordered their wishbone chairs in February, definitely a shocker about the high quality. Looking for a christmas present and this husk chair just serves it right!

  8. Kenneth Archer

    I was deciding between the Egg Chair by Arne and this Husk Armchair | Patricia Urquiola, but the puffiness of this chair won me! Super comfortable and well supported, also it comes in many color to your own preferences. Great chair

  9. Kaelan Bradford

    This Husk Armchair is definitely beyond what you could ask for, look, style, color, material. Thanks for this beautiful replica Furnish I love it so much

  10. Albi Christie

    Very great quality for this husk armchair replica. Will give it a solid 9

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