Scando Plywood Side Table | Eric Pfeiffer



Scando Plywood Side Table | Eric Pfeiffer



Select Wood Veneer:
Rosewood Finish

All veneers are imported from North America and they are all natural veneers, not printed.

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All veneers are imported from North America and they are all natural veneers, not printed.




Scando Plywood Side Table

scando table

scando Plywood Side table replica


  • FSC© certified FAS grade wood veneer.
  • Heat and pressure-molded plywood body.
  • Genuine American walnut.
  • The wood has been uniformly kiln-dried to a stabilized moisture level.
  • Triple-sanded wood for the smoothest possible surfaces.
  • 5 individual coats of UV-cured hard polyurethane finish resists wear and scratches.
  • Safety information: Each material is non-harmful, resistant to fire, and child friendly.
  • This item is not manufactured by or affiliated with the original designer(s) and associated parties.
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scando plywood side table

  • Width: 26.4″
  • Depth: 14.2″
  • Height: 15.4″
  • Packing size: 27.2″ x 16.9″ x 18.1″
  • Net weight: 13.2 lbs

* All measurements of the Scando Plywood Side Table are approximations.

Scando Plywood Side Table:

The Scando Plywood Side Table, originally known as Mag Table, was designed by Eric Pfeiffer in 1999 with deep comprehension and dedication for innovation. Versatile and inviting, the table is also economical. Can be positioned either vertically, as a perch for your laptop, or horizontally as a table with a magazine holder.

Made from American walnut plywood, it wears many hats as a hybrid furniture form, durable and extremely easy to maintain. The Scando Side Table offers a distinctive solution for the office or home. 

Furnish Plus produces this affordable, multifunctional piece in four different finishes. 

Scando Plywood Coffee Table.

Additional information
Weight17.6 lbs
Dimensions16.9 × 27.2 × 18.1 in
Wood Veneer

Select Wood Veneer:, Rosewood Finish, Walnut Finish

About the Designer
Informative Image
Eric Pfeiffer sought to explore “the design of everyday objects in our lives” when he opened his own Pfeiffer Lab in 2005. He directs the company with his regard for simplicity of form to create useful and elegant solutions for everyday living while revealing the core beauty of the product’s source material. Pfeiffer served as a prolific VP of Design at Offi from 2000 through 2004, coordinating product design, innovating the company, and designing most of the products that were introduced. He has been recognized with several design awards, including the 2003 ID Magazine award for the Offi Perch Lounge. Also while at Offi, Eric co-authored a book called "Bent Ply: the Art of Plywood Furniture", which features the step-by-step making of the Offi Wave Desk.
Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Scando Plywood Side Table | Eric Pfeiffer

  1. Gurleen Lugo

    Very clean cut, very unique. I had this chair for almost a year and still see no issues with the wood quality, I would recommend to keep it in the perfect condition you should place a tray or some throw on top

  2. Eloise Rivera

    What a lovely product. I would never imagine having a coffee table like this Scando Plywood Side Table ever. And the designer Eric Pfeiffer’s also had some wonderful items as well I cant get enough of this style

  3. Ammaarah Mahoney

    I really like the curvy design of this table, regardless it could put not too many books and stuff on its surface, but remember it is an accent piece anyway and you couldn’t ask more for such an incredible design. I would suggest for this specific Scando Plywood Side Table you could ask them for some wood swatches it would help a lot with your decision

  4. Edna Bassett

    For a small family or single, this table seems ideal, we’re family of 2 with a puppy so that’s why this Scando Plywood Side Table is perfect, it’s beautiful, has the small space to keep your fav books

  5. Aaryan Bird

    I ordered my Scando Plywood Side Table Natual Oak for Black Friday sales and the lady in live chat was very lovely, really hope they will ship before this Christmas

  6. Ruben Mills

    Very nice scando plywood side table replica, and excellent service as always, I bought my egg chair not a while ago and looking to buy this to finish the living space, absolutely unique look

  7. Kayleigh Hill

    Scando Plywood Side Table is a piece that could easily make a wow to any visitors coming to your home. Me and my husband are now inviting our friends over just to see this product very very very beautiful!

  8. Shaurya Medrano

    Thought this scando table is the best version out of all in the collection, fits perfectly well in a small flat

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