FPlus Soft Pad Office Chair – High Back


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FPlus Soft Pad Office Chair – High Back


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Top Grain Leather:

Top grain leather is the second strongest type of leather. This leather type is recommended for commercial use. For personal use, we definitely recommend Aniline leather. Leather Weight(g/m²): 800

Top Grain - Black

Top Grain Black Leather imported from Europe.

Top Grain - White

Top Grain White Leather imported from Europe.

Aniline Italian Leather:

Aniline is 100% Italian leather, features the waxy oil finished on top which makes the leather much durable, comfortable, last longer and it is thicker than Top grain leather.
Leather Weight(g/m²): 865

Aniline - Black

Aniline Black Leather imported from Italy and features waxy oil finish on top .

Aniline - White

Aniline White Leather imported from Italy and features waxy oil finish on top .

Aniline - Dark Brown

Aniline Dark Brown Leather imported from Italy and features waxy oil finish on top .

Aniline - Cigar Brown

Aniline Cigar Brown Leather imported from Italy and features waxy oil finish on top .

Vintage Aniline - Tan

Vintage Aniline Saddle brown Leather imported from Italy and features waxy oil finish on top with a disstressed leather look.




eames Soft Pad Office Chair – High Back

eames soft pad management chair

eames soft pad high back chair

eames soft pad executive chair review


  • Base & arms: Highly polished aluminum with a tubular steel column.
  • Cushion: PU injected and wrapped in Dracon.
  • Upholstery: Premium Italian leather.
  • Features:
    • Adjustable seat height.
    • Tilt-swivel mechanism.
    • Tilt lock. 
  • Carpet casters with chrome hoods.
  • Safety information: Each material is non-harmful, resistant to fire, and child friendly.
  • This item is not manufactured by or affiliated with the original designer(s) and associated parties.
  • Customer reviewsRead verified reviews here.


Informative Image

  • Width: 22.8″ x Depth: 22.8″ x Height: 40.2″
  • Seat height: 18.5″
  • Armrests height: 25″
  • Packing size: 37.7″ x 25.9″ x 25.5″
  • Net weight: 41.8 lbs

* All measurements are approximations.

FPlus Soft Pad Office Chair – High Back:

Ray and Charles Eames wanted to design practical things that meet the needs of the people and bring pleasure to our lives. The Soft Pad Collection is the sophisticated, refined management seating that still looks both classic and modern at the present day. The chair retains the style and significant comfort with its clean, trim lines making it suitable for almost any environment, from elegant offices to classic or modern homes.

The FPlus Soft Pad Office Chair – High Back is padded with 2” thick cushions, making it a luxurious solution for all-day comfort. The chair features a smooth swivel seat and caster base, in addition to a height-adjustable frame. The Soft Pad Office chair brought innovation to comfortable seating, conforming subtly to the body’s shape. The foam cushions will not clump or flatten over time.

FurnishPlus produces this popular office chair in quality top grain and aniline leather in a range of colors. The structure is supported by a star-shaped aluminum base. FurnishPlus also offers the chair in different versions such as low back and thin pad.

Our office chairs collection.

Additional information
Weight50.7 lbs
Dimensions26 × 37.8 × 25.6 in

Top Grain Leather:, Top Grain – Black, Top Grain – White, Aniline Italian Leather:, Aniline – Black, Aniline – White, Aniline – Dark Brown, Aniline – Cigar Brown, Vintage Aniline – Tan

Reviews (14)

14 reviews for FPlus Soft Pad Office Chair – High Back

  1. Joseff Leach

    Very ideal for office and work from home, and good deals for Black Friday as well, legit product

  2. Mathias Stephens

    My wife and I both love the brown leather on this chair so much we ended up getting 2 chairs of the same size. Highly recommend

  3. Esmay Dorsey

    This office chair is everything you could imagine and ask for in a standard office chair. Ordered 4 for my office and got a bunch of deal for Black Friday that made me very pleasant

  4. Manveer Mac

    This cigar brown leather on this FPlus Soft Pad Office Chair is absolutely beautiful

  5. Aviana Jacobs

    Love the rectangle pads at the back of this FPlus Soft Pad Office Chair – High Back

  6. Ronaldo O’Sullivan

    I work from home since Covid and been wanting to look for a good office chair but I am also a person of fashion and this chair pleases my desire for both

  7. Anushka Simons

    I got the high back traded for this Eames Soft Pad Office Chair Low Back since I’m quite petit, the white looks so pretty will consider buying more

  8. Tamsin Knowles

    Was thinking a lot which one to buy for my office and I found this Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair, they sent me the swatches for free as well nice service, thank you guys

  9. Helen Nixon

    Bought the white one but I might get Eames Soft Pad low back chair in black since it’s easier to maintain, the quality is very nice though.

  10. Rami Meyers

    Got good deal for these eames soft pad management chairs for a pair, loving it

  11. Braden Marshall

    Very high leather. This eames soft pad high back chair looks nice everywhere

  12. Zakary Jordan

    These guys reproduce very nice products, my friend got one of their products (the best seller lounge chair) and I am considering to buy Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair replica. Highly recommend anyone looking for brand name reproduction

  13. Juan Montoya

    Saw eames soft pad executive chair reviews are pretty good might consider getting 2 for my work place

  14. Valerie Whitmore

    Exchange this eames Soft Pad Office Chair for the thin pad looks more elegant , very nice service

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