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Hints to clean and care for metal outdoor and indoor chairs

Metal chairs make great outdoor furniture. However, these may require some cleaning and care with time especially if you are placing these outdoors. Follow the tips to clean and care for your metal furniture.

  1. Use protective covers

Protective covers are available with all furniture lines. You can procure one that comes with the exact fit for your metal chair. Outdoor furniture covers are inexpensive and also add life to the furniture.

  1. Protect from corrosion

Metal chairs are considered to be very durable. If properly managed and with appropriate care, these can last for a lifetime. These can be painted, powder coated and varnished to prevent these from rusting. You can have chairs made of aluminium as this metal doesn’t rust.

  1. Proper cleaning

Metal chairs have to be cleaned with sponge or a cloth with the use of mild soap and it must be wiped dry properly. Cleaners and abrasive scrubbers must be avoided for cleaning metal furniture. This can expose the metal to moisture which initiates the corrosion process. Multi-purpose cleaner that is non-abrasive can be used for the removal of ingrained dirt. To prevent rust, the best solution is to apply touch-up paint to scratches.  The area on the furniture can be sanded lightly with the use of sandpaper if mold or rust is present. This should be followed with the application of rust-proof touch up paint.

It is vital to consider outdoor furniture cleaning and care tips to add life to metal furniture.

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