Coconut Chair reproduction
Modern / Mid Century Furniture

Coconut Chair reproduction by Furnish Plus

Coconut Chair Reproduction by Furnish Plus, is not only comfortable and eye catching but it is also well done with a long lasting durability.

This Coconut Chair reproduction  chair can be a enter piece of any living room, office space, or lounge area.

Coconut Chair reproduction chair’s Detail:

Coconut Chair reproduction chair is padded with a thick, medium density foam cushion, which is then completely upholstered in genuine leather and molded into the unique fiberglass shell.

Coconut Chair reproduction chair’s Material: 

* Coconut Chair reproduction chair is available in standard leather and fabric finishes.
* Coconut Chair reproduction chair standard color for the shell is glossy white.
* Coconut Chair reproduction chair is fiberglass shell.




Designer’s Info:

George Nelson 2
George Nelson(1908–1986) was an American industrial designer and one of the founders of American Modernism, designed much of the 20th century’s most iconic modernist furniture.  He help to bring designers like Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier to the North American scene. George Nelson studied Architecture at Yale University, where he graduated in 1928. He also received a bachelor degree in fine arts in 1931. A year later while preparing for the Paris Prize competition he won the Rome prize. With Eliot Noyes, Charles Eames and Walter B. Ford. George Nelson was not only a creative artistic talent; he was also a commercial genius. These two talents provided his secret for success that would reward him throughout his life.


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