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Modern Minimalistic Style with Key Modern Contemporary Furniture Pieces

Modern Minimalistic Style with Key Modern Contemporary Furniture Pieces; Barcelona Day Bed and Noguchi Coffee Table.

Its been said that less is more, and when it comes to décor now days we are experiencing a growing fan base of a Cozy Minimalism style, and that’s all about adding up our possessions or a special style, yet using only the minimum items possible to create our master piece, including; colors, light, texture and last but not least furniture, specially key pieces, that now days are more affordable than every and easily to find at Furnish Plus.

Adding main pieces such as Barcelona Day Bed Replica brings a sense of comfort coziness and beauty in a room along with style and an adaptable sitting if needed.
This classy Barcelona Day Bed Replica was inspired by Miles van Der Rohe created in the early 1930’s, made from solid hardwood frame and upholstered in genuine Italian Top Grain leather on all sides. The matching genuine leather headrest can be fastened to either end.
Another piece that can capture the imagination of everyone its the Noguchi Coffee Table Replica, an eye catching midcentury modern Table ideal for any living room, lounge area space bringing a touch of elegance and allayment, showing the perfect balance literally between art and furniture. Designed by Isamu Noguchi, made of solid wood based with a freeform glass top. The wonderfully simple yet creative design is made of three pieces, the tempered glass top and two interlocking solid wood base pieces.

Gorgeous pieces such as the Barcelona Day Bed Replica and the Noguchi Coffee table Replica creates exquisite and radiant touch for any minimalistic space whether is the coziness of home or any busy workspace the Barcelona Day Bed and the Noguchi Coffee table Replicas will bring life and style to your space.

Find your next modern contemporary piece at Furnish Plus today.

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