Pierre Jeanneret Floating Back Armchair



Pierre Jeanneret Floating Back Armchair



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Pierre Jeanneret

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Pierre Jeanneret Floating Back Armchair

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  • A mid-century modern and classic masterwork originated from Italy
  • Made with the cane and solid wood
  • Solid wood backrest without finger joints
  • Handwoven seat for comfortable usage
  • Viennese woven cane backrest for durability
  • Seat structured with Fine Silver Mesh for utmost durability
  • Eco oil-based stain to protect against sun, wind and dust
  • All materials used are non-toxic and children friendly
  • Fully-assembled chair when delivered
  • Designed by Pierre Jeanneret and reproduction by FurnishPlus
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  • This item is not manufactured by or affiliated with the original designer(s) and associated parties.


  • Width: 20.9″ x Depth: 22″ x Height: 31.9″
  • Seat height: 16.9″
  • Seat depth: 17.7″
  • Armrest height: 26.4″
  • Packing size: 23.6″ x 22.4″ x 33.5″
  • Net weight: 17.1 lbs

* All measurements are approximations.


The chair was mainly designed in 1950 by Pierre Jeanneret. Pierre Jeanneret chair and his cousin Le Corbusier resided in India in the ’50s and had significant contributions to a massive urban planning project of Chandigarh. Though Le Corbusier discontinued his contribution from the project, Jeanneret actively contributed for the next 15 years. Therefore, the modern, classic chair was created to pay respect for his inspiring contributions.

It is a simple yet elegant floating back armchair inspired by the mid-century modern design of Chandigarh. It is also known as an office chair. The especially of the chair is that all the components of the chair are made with solid local wood that gives a sense of sophistication. Besides, the sidebars of the chair are cut from Burma teak trees to protect against bugs. It also comes with a very unique and classic Inverted ‘V’ shape that supports the armrests and protects against bugs and humidity. Moreover, the backrest and the seat of the chair are made with a distinctive Viennese woven cane frame.

The chair was relaunched by Cassina in 2019. The masterwork of Jeanneret is an exclusive complimentary artwork of structural perfection and mesmerizing modernistic beauty with a touch of the highest quality, lightweight materials including wood and cane.

The sophisticated chair is a masterwork that represents simplicity and a timeless aura. This unique collection adds to the beauty of any residence and workplace.

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Additional information
Weight28.6 lbs
Dimensions17.7 × 16.9 × 26.4 in
Wood Veneer

Select Wood Veneer:, Black Wood Finish, Natural Oak Finish, Walnut Finish

About the Designer

Pierre Jeanneret (1896 – 1967)

It is destined that furniture designer and architect Pierre Jeanneret will be best remembered for his partnership with his famous cousin, Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris (also known as, Le Corbusier). In 1922, the two began their partnership with the Villa Besnus outside Paris. This acclaimed familial duo went on to create some of the most revered icons of midcentury modernism, including the Villa Savoye in Poissy, France, and the Grand Modele seating collection.During his partnership with Corbusier, Jeanneret also worked extensively with Charlotte Perriand, and they joined forces with Jean Prouvé in 1940 to research the potential of prefabricated housing. Then came World War II, creating a shortage of materials – and a rift between Jeanneret and Corbusier that would last 10 years. Jeanneret, sympathizing with the Communists, joined the French resistance, while Corbusier’s authoritarian leanings led him to elicit work from the Vichy Government and Italian Fascists.In 1950, after the war, Corbusier once again made a request to his cousin, this time for a project on a much greater scale: designing the capital of Punjab, the city of Chandigarh, India. Jeanneret agreed, and Chandigarh – the first outlined city in India – became his home for fifteen years. Corbusier devised the high-level aspects of the design, but it was Jeanneret who executed the plans. Gandhi Bhawan, his famous building on the campus of Punjab University, represents a lotus flower floating on the water.Jeanneret went on to become a respected figure in Indian architecture. He left his second home in poor health in 1965 to return to France, where he passed away in 1967.
Reviews (30)

30 reviews for Pierre Jeanneret Floating Back Armchair

  1. Cali Couch

    I AM REALLY OBSESSED with this Pierre Jeanneret Floating Back Armchair. I was like hmm why does it look so edgy probably not a good match for other furniture. But after hours on Instagram I just knew it would be the dream chair for my home, and I was so happy to purchase with Furnish Plus, they were responsive with their chats and even applied some coupons for my order. Thank you very much again and I am looking forward to buying more products in the future soon.

  2. Emre Giles

    It’s a beautiful design and I really want to be a reference for anyone is looking to order this item from these guys. The delivery was impressive and customer service is beyond helpful. I received the chair and perfect condition. The wood base is absolutely neat and clean and theres no waxy look on it, makes it very rustic wise, and with the wicker sitting it could match with any space. It would look very nice with a neutral/ bright color home. Also I will purchase another set for my office with the Black Friday promo.

  3. Manuel Mcnamara

    Wow this chair is very beautiful it looks much better in real life, the wood is cut very neat. I will recommend putting some cushion under for longer sitting. For the look of this chair I will boldly give it 9.5.

  4. Beth Hayes

    Very sharp, very elegant, very fashionable as well. Bravo

  5. Charley Whitworth

    Very good product for sure, if you guys sold some padding for the chair seat it would be wonderful

  6. Abigayle Sadler

    Very comfortable, light, and gives the perfect natural look.

  7. Martina Bradley

    Exactly what we were looking for. Sustainable materials and durable. Came well packed and flawless. Great value for money. Easy to clean. Definitely would buy again.

  8. Mekhi Molina

    The Pierre Jeanneret Floating Back Armchair is fabulous. The design is perfect for any room. The material will last forever and I can leave it outside pretty much most of the time. Love It!

  9. Ilyas Jaramillo

    This chair is awesome! The size is perfect and it is so comfortable, even though it is not cushioned. We love the wicker back and seat detailing, add some rustic look to it.

  10. Kajol Rossi

    Such good quality! I had people over for a party and got tons of compliments for these chair. Everyone kept asking where I got them from. I love the natural materials of these chairs because it’s so easy to clean things off of them. The chairs feel sturdy yet super light and comfy. I’m loving my Furnish Plus purchases.

  11. Fahima Curtis

    I love this chair design. My parents have always wanted teak-and-cane chairs for their sun room. I found Furnish Plus on MidCenturyCentral and found the pricing to be very reasonable. A good purchase indeed.

  12. Can Gillespie

    Fantastic! The seat is more comfortable than it seems. Looks strong and elegant with its clean lines.

  13. Elora Patel

    lovely woven back & seat. the detailing is amazingly well executed. happy with my Pierre Jeanneret chair.

  14. Tessa O’Gallagher

    The Pierre Jeanneret chair really elevated my home, adds a stylish touch to an ordinary room. I never heard of Furnish Plus before but I’m glad I ordered here. The delivery was hassle-free. They brought it to the curb in front of my house and leave the unpacking for us.

  15. Anja Ruiz

    I like it! Matches my furniture and just in time for summer. Was hesitant when ordering this because I have never had a cane piece of furniture. Thought it would be high maintenance. So glad I did order it. It’s sturdy and comfortable!

  16. Delilah Hunt

    ADORE this chair! I’m using it as extra seating in a small space. It would be beautiful outside, but I love it indoors! It is small enough to not take up too much space, the woven seat gives it a very natural light feel. Much more comfortable than I thought it would be.

  17. Howard Stafford

    I was looking for the Chandigarh Chair and this store came up. I’m usually pretty skeptical with a product with mostly good reviews. Boy am I pleased with buying from these guys. Customer service was gracious enough to let me put a forty percent deposit in until the chairs were ready to ship. Really satisfied with what I got. Reasonable pricing.

  18. Roma Silva

    Amazing. Great customer service and delivery. Well done!

  19. Jadene Bull

    The chair is nice but the wait time for it is ridiculous. Customer service couldn’t do anything about it. Essentially, it seems to have a solid construction. the woven back seat is what drawn me to this chair.

  20. Amira Brady

    a pretty good reproduction of the Chandigarh chair. I guess they call it the Pierre Jeanneret floating back armchair here. I prefer durable, sustainable and stand the test of time furniture and this is just that.

  21. Tayah Cairns

    it gives a pastoral feeling, these chairs make working from my balcony feel more like working from a peaceful countryside. That said, the material don’t appear to be outdoor friendly, so I’d be wary about keeping these out for too long.

  22. Harlow Henson

    The Pierre Jeanneret floating back chair is beautiful. Well-made well-woven wicker detailing. The wait for this was a bit long but it was worth it.

  23. Joey Alford

    I like the chairs! One less star for quality because the first shipment included faulty unit. But they replaced it very quickly.

  24. Olivia Thatcher

    I ordered two and I’m very pleased. The chairs are a good size for our smaller area and a good height for an armchair. Seems to be high quality and looks simple, minimal yet strong.

  25. Daniella Paterson

    If you want this any time soon, slim chance. It was delivered later than promised but it looks great. wicker furniture always gives that handmade, rustic feel to the home and I wanted that.

  26. Kealan Fischer

    The chairs are exactly as described. Beautiful and the quality is great. We will be ordering more to add to our collection!

  27. Elis Johnson

    it’s like finding treasures. I stumbled upon one of Furnish Plus’s ad and this chair was advertised. I was drawn to the wicker on this and I can see the chair placed in my home. Even though the wait time was almost the deal breaker for me but I’m glad I stuck out. very satisfied.

  28. Harmony Kay

    Love the look of these chairs, They add so much style to our outdoor dining table – I have one on each end. The biggest pain is the back is an odd height to lean into, hits mid-back on us. We ended up putting cushion in vertical position when sitting on it to get more mid/upper back support. Still the look of these is so unique it’s worth it to me.

  29. Amiya Ellison

    Purchased 4 of the pierre jeanneret chairs in blackwood and they are absolutely stunning. Highly recommend to anyone who is on the fence of purchasing. You won’t be disappointed!

  30. Ameera Best

    These are a great affordable low/no maintenance patio chair option. Sturdy and well woven cane seat and back.

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