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Walnut Finish




Made in 1960, the Charles E. Walnut Stool is one of the designer’s recognizable creations, mixing functionality with sculptural beauty. Purpose built for the lobby of the Time-Life Building in New York, the symmetrical form of the design accentuates the beauty and durability of the walnut wood. The artistic piece has a versatile use ranging from a stool, decorative piece or a plant stand and its distinctive profile will be an aesthetical feature in any interior.

FurnishPlus produces the Walnut Stool by hand to ensure the precise manufacturing of the detail of the design. The stool is made of quality solid walnut wood.


  • Iconic design from 1960
  • Functional and aesthetical
  • High-quality solid walnut wood
  • This item is not manufactured by or affiliated with the original designer(s) and associated parties.


Eames stool

W=13″ x D=13″ x H=15″

* All measurements are approximations.

Additional information
Wood Veneer:

Walnut Finish

About the Designer

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Charles and Ray Eames considered as one of the most influential designers of the 20th century. Charles E. was born in St Louis, Missouri. Perhaps decorated as the finest American designer of his generation, Charles E. was heavily influenced by his uncle’s workings, the great architect William S. Eames. Despite a healthy education studying architecture at Washington University in St. Louis, Eames best began to put his ideas into motion whilst working as a laborer at the Laclede Steel Company in the town of his birth. Here, he received first-hand knowledge and experience in engineering, drawing, and architecture, learning the molding and treatment techniques he would later become famous for. Both Charles E. and his wife Ray are still heavily celebrated on an international scale, especially for their work in the field of modern furniture. Both collaborated on numerous projects, earning them the AIA Twenty-five Year Award in 1977 and the prestigious Royal Gold Medal Award in 1979, a year after Charles passed away. Their work is still showcased at MoMA in New York, whilst in 1985 IDSA accredited Eames as "The Most Influential Designer of the 20th Century".
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