EJ 101 Queen Easy Chair | Hans J. Wegner


EJ 101 Queen Easy Chair | Hans J. Wegner

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Danish Cashmere:

100% Danish cashmere imported from Denmark

Fabric - Dark Grey

Premium Dark Grey Cashmere imported from Denmark.

Fabric - Light Grey

Premium Light Grey Cashmere imported from Denmark.

Fabric - Red

Premium Red Cashmere imported from Denmark.

Fabric - Orange

Premium Orange Cashmere imported from Denmark.

Fabric - Blue

Premium Blue Cashmere imported from Denmark.

Fabric - Green

Premium Green Cashmere imported from Denmark.

Fabric - Black

Premium Black Cashmere imported from Denmark.

Fabric - White

Premium White Cashmere imported from Denmark.

Top Grain Leather:

Top grain leather is the second strongest type of leather. This leather type is recommended for commercial use. For personal use, we definitely recommend Aniline leather. Leather Weight(g/m²): 800

Top Grain - Black

Top Grain Black Leather imported from Europe.

Top Grain - White

Top Grain White Leather imported from Europe.

Aniline Italian Leather:

Aniline is 100% Italian leather, features the waxy oil finished on top which makes the leather much durable, comfortable, last longer and it is thicker than Top grain leather.
Leather Weight(g/m²): 865

Aniline - Black

Aniline Black Leather imported from Italy and features waxy oil finish on top .

Aniline - White

Aniline White Leather imported from Italy and features waxy oil finish on top .

Aniline - Dark Brown

Aniline Dark Brown Leather imported from Italy and features waxy oil finish on top .

Aniline - Cigar Brown

Aniline Cigar Brown Leather imported from Italy and features waxy oil finish on top .

Vintage Aniline - Tan

Vintage Aniline Saddle brown Leather imported from Italy and features waxy oil finish on top with a disstressed leather look.




EJ 101 Queen Easy Chair

23% off Ej 101 Queen Armchair

EJ 101 – Queen Erik Jørgensen Easy Chair

EJ101 Queen Easy Chair


  • Frame: Molded fiberglass shell with highly resilient urethane foam.
  • Seat: High elasticity dacron-wrapped foam with a genuine down feather layer.
  • Upholstery: Danish Cashmere, top-grain/aniline/vintage leather upholstery.
  • Base: Polished #304-grade stainless steel legs with chrome finish.
  • Safety informationEach material is non-harmful, resistant to fire, and child friendly.
  • This item is not manufactured by or affiliated with the original designer(s) and associated parties.
  • Customer reviewsRead verified reviews here.

Product Dimensions:

  • Width: 36.6″ x Depth: 38.2″ x Height: 36.2″
  • Seat height: 16.3″
  • Armrests height: 23.2″
  • Packing size: 40.2″ x 37.4″ 37.4″
  • Net weight: 71.7 lbs

* All measurements are approximations.

EJ 101 Queen Easy Chair’s Story:

The EJ 101 Queen Chair designed by Hans J. Wegner in the 1960s is the feminine equal counterpart to the masculine Ox Chair. His work was characterized by an organic and inventive approach to the designing profession. The two disparate easy chairs complement each other in a magnificent aesthetic juxtaposition. The EJ 101’s monumental appearance can be added to any room for a complete lounging experience. 

The chair stands out with its long, majestic form and its heavenly seating comfort. The high and tilted backrest ensures excellent support while remaining elegant and dignified. The EJ 101 Queen Chair features molded polyurethane foam with brushed chromed steel legs. Arms and backrest are fixed with piping under the cover. 

Ox Chair by Hans J. Wegner.

Additional information
Weight81.6 lbs
Dimensions37.4 × 40.2 × 37.4 in

Danish Cashmere:, Fabric – Dark Grey, Fabric – Light Grey, Fabric – Red, Fabric – Orange, Fabric – Blue, Fabric – Green, Fabric – Black, Fabric – White, Top Grain Leather:, Top Grain – Black, Top Grain – White, Aniline Italian Leather:, Aniline – Black, Aniline – White, Aniline – Dark Brown, Aniline – Cigar Brown, Vintage Aniline – Tan

About the Designer
Hans J Wegner Hans J. Wegner Hans Jørgensen Wegner, (April 2, 1914 – January 26, 2007), was a world-renowned Danish furniture designer. His high quality and thoughtful work, along with a concerted effort from several of his manufacturers,[1] contributed to the international popularity of mid-century Danish design. His style is often described as Organic Functionality, a modernist school with emphasis on functionality. This school of thought arose primarily in Scandinavian countries with contributions by PoulHenningsen, Alvar Aalto, and Arne Jacobsen. In his lifetime he designed over 500 different chairs, over 100 of which were put into mass production and many of which have become recognizable design icons. Wegner worked for some time for Arne Jacobsen, a successful Danish designer. Wegner was in charge of the furniture in the Aarhus Municipal Hall, which Jacobsen designed.[3] After some years under Jacobsen, Wegner started his own company. Along with fellow architect BørgeMogensen, he designed furniture for FDB (a Danish chain of grocery stores), spearheaded by Erik Kold – who founded an organization of Danish furniture makers that launched Danish design abroad. In his later years Wegner became more attached to PP Møbler (which produces many of pieces originally designed for Johannes Hansen) and for whom he designed several chairs late in his life. He remained active throughout his life. An example of his later work is the “Hoop Chair”, originally designed in 1965 with a steel tube base and finally put into production made entirely in wood in 1985 (for PP Møbler). Wegner retired from public life only in the last decade of his life.
Reviews (11)

11 reviews for EJ 101 Queen Easy Chair | Hans J. Wegner

  1. Nur Ramos

    Ultimate comfortable seating and I love your leather options. I will consider ordering one more for this Christmas

  2. Eloisa Burrows

    Neat chair, and your customer service is beyond helpful thank you so much for offering me additional coupons on this Easy Chair

  3. Eilidh Mathews

    Love how it reclines at the perfect degrees. And the tan leather on this item is very eye catching as well, I waited for 3 months for my customer chair and it was so worth it

  4. Macaulay Salt

    Wish it was adjustable for the reclining back seat, I have to admit the chair is very comfortable that I fell asleep on it all the time so standing it forward a bit will be better for reading haha

  5. Minahil Coles

    Had a chance to sit on this model at their office the other day. Very comfortable chair and affordable for a replica as well, placed our order in the tan color and quite excited for its arrival this Christmas

  6. Damian Humphries

    Finally after 1 month I got this chair and it was worth the money. The leather didn’t smell a bit and the chrome legs are more shiny than the sky. Highly recommend

  7. Jarvis Mcfarland

    This is my personal favourite chair out of all Wegner’s chairs. it’s easy as in easy the most functional, most elegant, most easy to match with other furniture. I absolutely love it!

  8. Naveed Ryan

    Checked out the chair in person since they had it in their office (not sure it’s still there). It’s a beautiful replica in dark brown, and if you received the swatches (which are free), the cigar brown was also darker than on the website, very high quality. Ended up with the dark brown I’m 100% overjoyed with the experiencd

  9. Kean Callahan

    Like its name really the J 101 – Queen Erik Jørgensen Easy Chair is an EASY CHAIR, easy to recline, easy to fall asleep (oops!) can’t beat its comfyness, also make sure you ask for swatches they shipped mine in 3 days, speedy!

  10. Danyal Fitzpatrick

    10/10 comfort, this EJ101 Queen Easy Chair is everything I looked for when I needed to rest, perfect tilt, but if it was a bit taller itd be perfect.

  11. Menachem Timms

    At the time I got my chair they offered 23% off Ej 101 Queen Armchair, very into the look and considering getting another one for my living room. Thanks for the support on materials

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