Your credit card will be charged automatically for any payments that are outstanding. This includes but is not limited to balances remaining for custom orders and overdue invoices. The balances for custom orders will be charged once your order has arrived at the port.

For preorders waiting on backordered items, you will be charged the full amount once the order has been placed. If a discount or coupon was not applied during the ordering process, Furnish Concept Plus must be notified in 24 hours or the changes will not be applied.

The tax and the currency for the payments are determined by the Shipping Address you have provided. For example, an order is being shipped to Canada but the billing address is in USA, you will be billed in CAD with the provincial taxes as applicable. Please note that extra exchange and admin fees might be charged by the credit card provider.

Sales Tax

Furnish Concept Plus operates from British Columbia, Canada. We do not charge any sales tax on the orders shipped outside Canada. You must comply with the current laws of your state as they pertain to purchases over the internet.

User Guarantee

When you are placing an order, you are guaranteeing that your age is over 18 years. You are also stating that the information you are providing is true, accurate and complete. You are also stating that you possess the authority to make the order.


Through your continued use of this site, you are expressly stating that you understand and agree that it is your sole risk at which you are using this site and also that this site is given on an ‘as available’ and ‘as is’ basis. Furnish Concept Plus does not make any warranties or representations if any kind, implied or explicit, about the operation of this site or the content, information, products or materials included on the site. The only exception is what is stated in our product warranty.

Indemnification Policy

You acknowledge indemnifying Furnish Concept Plus and its directors, officers, suppliers and employees and holding them harmless from any demand, claim, damage or action. This includes reasonable fees of attorneys that are incurred or made by any third party caused or related your use of the site.

Termination Policy

Furnish Concept Plus reserves the right to have your account terminated or your use of the site restricted if we have reason to believe that you have been in violation of any terms and conditions as stated including the provision of false information to us.

User Account Policy

You are solely responsible for the maintenance of the confidentially of your account and password and the restriction of access to the same. You acknowledge accepting all responsibility for all the activities that occur through your account and/or password. If you are less than 18 years of age, you may use our services but only with the participation of a parent or guardian.

Furnish Concept Plus reserves the right to terminate accounts, refuse service, cancel orders, and edit or remove content at its own discretion.

Privacy Policy

Every once in a while, Furnish Concept Plus may update this privacy policy based on received feedback or other relevant reasons. We will let you know about these changes as and when they occur. It is a good idea to go through the Privacy Policy when these changes do occur so that you can remain assured of the confidentiality of your information. You can contact customer service at any time you have any doubts or questions about the Privacy Policy.

What Information Is Collected and How It Is Used

On placing an order, we may ask for personal information including but not limited to name, telephone number, shipping address, billing address, email address and credit card information and its expiry date. This information is utilized for the following purposes.

  • Order processing
  • Providing shipment of your order.
  • Verification of your identity for authorizing payment.
  • Allow you to make an application for financing.
  • If requested, we will send you news and information on deals from Furnish Concept Plus.
  • Ensure that you have a fantastic shopping experience at Furnish Concept Plus.

Once you place an order, your name and address will be transferred to your credit card provider so as to get the confirmation required for purchase completion. Those details will then be given to a third-party for delivering the order.

We promise that your name and address will never be used for other purposes including selling them to mailing-list companies. We do share statistics and blanket information about our customers with business partners. However, individual details will never be shared.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are small files of data. They are served by the AdRoll platform in our site and stored in the device you are using to access this site. Cookies allow us to identify the device when you move around the internet. With their help, we can provide you with targeted advertising. You have the right to prevent our cookies from being stored on the device.


From time to time, Furnish Concept Plus can ask if you want to participate in a survey. The survey is completely voluntary. In the surveys, you have the right to decide how much information you wish to provide us with. Generally, you will need to provide your first name. You may be asked to review your experience with Furnish Concept Plus and give reviews about the products you have purchased.

The information from surveys is used by us to improve the shopping experience of our customers. We may post some answers on the site to provide information to other users only if you explicitly give us your permission.

Security Policy

We take utmost precautions in the protection of your personal information and privacy. All information submitted to Furnish Concept Plus including credit card details, addresses and name are encrypted in our databases with SSL (Secure Socket Layers) technology.

Your information will only be shared to those that need it for processing and delivering your order. Even so, the parties will only be given access to the information relevant to their task. For example, delivery partners will only be given details like name, address and contact details.

Contact Us

There are multiple methods in place by which you can get in touch with Furnish Concept Plus. You can send us an email at for queries. We try to reply to each email as soon as possible. Please bear with us in case of delays. Alternatively, you can call us up at +1-800-828-3792 for talking to our customer care representative. You are welcome to leave testimonials and reviews about the services and products offered at Furnish Concept Plus.

Protection against Fraudulent Charge

We provide protection to our customers if a third party uses your personal information from a purchase at Furnish Concept Plus to perpetuate credit card fraud.

Legal Disclaimer

We do not share your personal information with any individual or organization but there are exceptions to this rule. We will share the information when it is deemed necessary by law and the information will be provided to the right authorities only. The information will also be shared if it is required to conform to the law with good faith belief. Contact us if you have questions on your privacy or personal information by emailing at or calling at +1-800-828-3792.