Barcelona Chair - A Chair of the Royalty 
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Barcelona Chair – A Chair of the Royalty 

Barcelona Chair – A Chair of the Royalty 


Ranked among the most famous chairs of the 20th century, along with the Wassily Chair and Cesca Chair, the Barcelona wins us over with its iconic design which was originally created for royalty. Aesthetically simple yet grants utmost comfort, this chair does not line up among those mid-century modern designs that we usually exclaim “It’s just for show, it’s not functional” 



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                                         Barcelona Chair I Mies van der Rohe


Since 1928, almost a century into creation, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe has shown how definitive his designs withstand with time. Most of his creations, particularly the Barcelona Collection are still now desired and figure as the main inspiration for many to style their living. From streaming series that we watch to movie designers to home magazines, you might at least have seen one Barcelona item, as it is the intrinsic element to any mid-century approach. 


The Barcelona Chair or Pavilion nowadays has accomplished its finest composure of line and the refinement of proportions and materials characteristic of Mies van der Rohe’s highly disciplined architecture. The most recognizable characteristic of this beautiful design is the crossed steel bars, making it the almost perfect X (not the X-Men series). If you look at the Barcelona Chair from the two sides, Mies De Rohe has carefully curved the plated chrome to support the back and front legs. 


And you wonder why this completely modern-looking chair has anything to do with the royalty?


Curule Chair

                             Latin Sella Curulis I 14th century

Recognized as the master of modernist architecture, Ludwig collaboration with the German designer Lilly Reich to create the most outstanding for the 1929 International Exhibition in Barcelona. The highness of Spain was to visit the German Pavilion for the first day of the celebration, and that served as the perfect motivation for making this historic chair. Therefore, it was with utmost deliberation that Mies van der Rohe graced the look of this chair, it couldn’t be simply an ordinary chair. A lounge chair is not appropriate to present a king, not to mention some dining chairs. The birth story of this Pavilion Chair makes the item a momenual furniture, also one of the main selling points for auctions. 


The design was acquired from the curule chair, Latin Sella Curulis, a style of chair serened in ancient Rome solely seated by individuals of the highest government dignitaries or members of the royal family, the curule earned its wide recognition with the curved legs and padded patterned cushion (mostly gold embroidery thread we believe, because of course, it’s for the highness!)


It seems logical that when faced with the task of designing a chair for a king and queen, one might feel a little pressure to create a masterpiece. Architect and designer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe did just that with the Barcelona Chair, an object whose popularity has endured for nearly a century.


Thankfully with the permission for reproduction, around 15 years after, nowadays, The Barcelona – Pavilion Chair is present from high-end ambiances, such as hotels and showrooms to more approachable settings like salons or restaurants. 


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                                               Home Styling with Barcelona Chair



  • Frame: Highly polished solid-core #304-grade stainless steel frame with chrome finish and no weld lines.
  • Seat: Upholstered with individual panels. Each panel is cut, hand-welted, and tufted with leather buttons. 
  • Cushions: High-resilient urethane foam with down-like dacron polyester fiberfill. 
  • Straps: upholstery straps are made from genuine leather attached with aluminum rivets. These are used to fasten cushions to the frame.
  • Safety information: Each material is non-harmful, resistant to fire, and child friendly.

Product Dimensions

  • Width: 30.3″ x Depth: 30.3″ x Height: 30.3″
  • Seat height: 17.1″
  • Seat depth: 18.5
  • Packing size: 32.2″ x 31.4″ x 30.7″
  • Net weight: 57.3 lbs


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In his 1981 book about modern architecture, Tom Wolfe, a famous American novelist praised the Barcelona chair as “the Platonic ideal of the chair”, and wrote that, despite its high price, owning one had become a necessity for young architects: “When you saw the holy object on the sisal rug, you knew you were in a household where a fledgling architect and his young wife had sacrificed everything to bring the symbol of the godly mission into their home.”


And if you feel like you haven’t still loved it enough, let’s hear from our beloved customers: 


“You guys must have cashmere for this pavilion chair and ottoman, I will then buy the second one”

Martyna SheehanSeptember 26, 2021


“Got a pair of this Pavilion Chair in black and thought it would be the prettiest color, wasn’t wrong! looks timeless”

Chelsey Weeks – July 26, 2021


Wonder how to style your living with our famous Barcelona – Pavilion Chair? Here are some looks: 

And if you ever wonder, did Mies create anything…bigger? Yes, he did. 


The perfect Pavilion Daybed Barcelona Chair - A Chair of the Royalty 

The sleek piece—a hand-puff Aniline cushion and single cylindrical vindicate laid on an African-chestnut platform with tubular steel legs.


In the same collection with the Barcelona Chair, this daybed gained its recognition shortly after the Glass House was completed in 1949 in New Canaan, Connecticut. The image of the simple sleek daybed eyeing the beautiful scenery through the window quickly became cult and people started to look out for this gorgeous item of Mies’s. 


Still following his architectural principles, clean and simple and functional, the Pavilion Daybed comprises neat geometrical forms and a slender design figure. The exclusive upholstery is hand-sewn featuring wide flat squares accented with buttons of leather and the cylinder-shaped headrest complements the streamlined look. The look is rounded off by four unobtrusive legs, which makes up a sturdy look yet very elegant since they are chrome plated. The padded upholstery of the Pavilion Daybed makes it an extremely cozy and comfortable lounger.

Barcelona Chair - A Chair of the Royalty Barcelona Chair - A Chair of the Royalty 


The daybed with its generous space is ideal for an afternoon lounge or adorn an office reception and lobbies beautifully. Multifunctional while maintaining its refinement and grandeur.

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